Suited for the Valley Isle

Beautiful Maui, the Valley Isle.  Also, beautiful Maui, newly updated from Dressed by Lexi!  I’ve had the Maui in ‘Ocean’, a beautiful blue and green batik design since it first came out, but it was released  shortly before Lexi started releasing clothing in Omega appliers.


Maui_c035Maui comes in standard appliers with two different length flexi-prim skirts — a short one making a nice breezy dress perfect for the casual affair (dancing!), and an ankle-length one for an elegant evening gown.  The Omega appliers are sold separately, so those of us who have already purchased Maui can upgrade for a pittance.


And if you haven’t purchased Maui yet?  Lexi has place the entire line (all six colour/textures) on sale for the next week as part of Fifty5 Thursday!  I had to pick up the purple Ginger.



Dressed by Lexi also has a lovely companion jewelry set featuring necklace, earrings, and armlets.  Four different metals and eight jewels are HUD-selectable.  The haku lei — the plumeria head wreath – is from Island Style Designs.


Thanks for plowing through this – I really wanted to show off this amazing dress/gown.  And a huge thank-you — mahalo nui loa — to Lexi for releasing this.  I’ve been looking forward to Maui appliers for a year now!  Stop on by Dressed by Lexi to see all six colours, and all the other amazing styles she has to offer!

Mahalo, all!