Death and all her friends

Some music, because Whit taught me.¬† ūüôā¬† ¬†Will I lose friends for Coldplay?

I know, it’s already all Hallow’s on the far side of the world, but in Europe and the Americas we’re still in the Eve!¬† Happy Hallowe’en, my lovely friends!¬† How about a little gift from G Field today?¬† The wonderful Roodvosje shared Death Girl in her lovely post last week, and I fell so in love with it that I had to share it with you in my own way!

Black is tough to wear — I had to weave special darke magicks about it to keep the white powder sugar that falls from my donuts from showing against it… but the cloak has such a lovely deep crimson lining and beautiful buckle detail!

A quick note about the hood.¬† Like hats, hoods are tricky, only moreso.¬†¬†G Field¬†did a fantastic job in leaving enough hair space around the skull, so I was able to find something.¬† I love¬†Analog Dog, and¬†Val fit very nicely.¬† I had to do a little editing on some of the strands on the back of my head — you can edit, and go into “edit linked” mode and shrink those pesky pokers and move them individually.¬† I did a larger piece on this a year or so ago, it’s tricky work but not bad.¬† FIRST FIRST FIRST, always make a copy of the hair!¬† The hair will always look horrid when you take the hood off, so you want to work with a copy!

I’m so totally in love with this dress and cloak that I think I’ll keep it about.. for whenever I need to show my darke side.

Happy Hallowe’en everyone!¬† Mahalo — a hui hou!



a field of lavender

Here’s a lovely little dress that I picked up from the Tres Chic event a few months back. ¬†¬†{les baies} is a fairly new creator, but has some very nicely textured products. ¬†I’m looking forward to seeing what Summse Sands creates next!

{les baies} is currently in-between in-world shops, but has a marketplace presence, so take a little look and see.

Mahalo!  A hui hou!



Summer is here!  Warm weather, sunshine, the water, and happy sundresses! Baby Monkey has a lovely little gifty for you, a Striped Beach Dress just waiting for you!

The¬†Striped Beach Dress comes in the standard five rigged sizes plus fitmesh for both SLink bodies, Maitreya, all three Belleza, Tonic¬†Fine and¬†Curvy, and TMP. ¬†I think you’re covered, but only just!

If anyone needs me, I’ll be at the beach! ¬†I’ve got my sunscreen! ¬†Mahalo! ¬†A hui hou!


Pua nani

Today I get to share this lovely little pressie that some dear friends got for me. ¬†Bondo Beach is a lovely mesh dress from¬†Oi Bae!, and the fact that my dears thought of me when when they saw this fills me with joy. ¬†ūüôā

Bondo Beach comes in fitmesh for SLink Physique and Hourglass, Maitreya Lara, and eBODY. ¬†It truly is pua nani — a beautiful blossom.

A little time on the beach sounds like just what this wahine needs. ¬†Grab your towel, I’ll see you there!

Mahalo! A hui hou!




I’ve shared¬†Sparta from¬†Ally‚ėÖAdventure¬†with you in the past, so I thought I’d show you one of the other lovely products Ally has produced. ¬†Dolphin is a sexy monokini with an amazing reflective (and transparent!) texture. ¬†It comes with appropriately-positioned body lights to show it off just so — without being annoying as so many face lights are.

Dolphin (or nai’a in  ĽŇĆlelo Hawai Ľi) is available in the five standard rigged mesh sizes. ¬†It appears that some of Ally’s¬†newer items are available in fitmesh, you can be sure I’ll be checking those out! ¬†And you¬†must have a materials-enabled viewer to take advantage of this one… but the sparkle and shimmer are¬†amazing. ¬† ¬†You can find free demos of everything at¬†Ally‚ėÖAdventure, so please stop on by!

Mahalo! A hui hou!