Golden Spider

One more Halloween outfit for you from me, dear reader, and then we’ll call the spooky season done for another year.  This gown is a group gift from Glitter, and along with the makeup, makes for a creepy outfit indeed!

The gown is only in standard rigged mesh sizes, and the sleeves can be a little problematic with SLink hands, but all in all it’s a lovely, creepy dress 🙂  There is also a four texture HUD included that let’s you remove the corset, and change the texture to basic black and another design.




Another quick Halloween post 🙂  This is a great little crop top perfect for the season!

The top is in classic sizes, plus fitmesh for Freya, Isis, Venus, Hourglass, Physique, Lara, and TMP.

Some of the textures are hilarious 🙂

Here’s the full HUD…



I’m not sure I like posting outfits before an event, I try and keep them fairly secret, but these days I’m usually doing police work on the sim watching that out-of-theme people are not trying to jump on the contest board, I tend to stay out of the contest myself, so not to worry.

Here’s my outfit for Eden‘s upcoming scary Halloween party…

As you can probably guess, this is a full mesh avatar, and it includes the clothes and hair, so in effect it’s a one party outfit (although I’ll keep it and reuse in a couple of years time hehe).

The avi comes with a full body alpha and a shape, and you just wear those with the avi.  It’s quite well rigged and follows my AO and dances perfectly.

The out-of-the box avi just has blank eyesockets, which is truly creepy.  But I decided I’d add some mesh demon eyes to make it a little more human, if still quite (un)dead!


Vamp it up

The SL vampire culture is rather large.  While some people have a lot of fun with it, there can also be really irritating aspects of it for us non-vampires, in particular, Bloodlines.  For the uninitiated, the Bloodlines HUD lets you “bite” people with their consent.  Thank all the powers it asks you for permission!  Unless you’re willing to become party to this thing, just ignore vampire bites (or better yet, ignore them and block the user).  Unsolicited vampire bites are a pain in the butt… umm neck.

Having said that, there are a lot of shops catering to not only the vampire culture, but to the Gothic theme in general.  One in particular is “The Little Bat”.  I really like this store, they have quality things for sale and there is always something good on their Midnight Mania boards and group gifts.

While I’m certainly not involved in Bloodlines, it’s fun to dress up for themed parties, and you can never have enough outfits (at least I can’t lol).  You never know where you will be invited to next in SL, so it pays to be prepared 🙂

This outfit consists of the pants and the top in standard rigged mesh sizes.  It comes with a HUD that lets you set the color theme for each individually.  Also from TLB is the coffin choker I’m wearing, which also comes with a HUD to let you change the color of the coffin.

My hair was a Midnight Mania win, and my makeup and skin were collected over time as lucky letter wins and MM wins.

Having dissed Bloodlines at the start of this post, I used one of their sims as a setting for this photo shoot.  As I said, it can be a little bit of fun.  Just don’t try and bite me 🙂


Inner Goth

A marvelous design on this corset and skirt combination from The Little Bat will certainly turn some heads!

The corset is in standard sizes, plus fitmesh sizes for classic, Belleza, Maitreya, and Physique, while the skirt is just in standard rigged mesh sizes.  Included is an eight color HUD to change the color of the bodice and the ribbon at the bottom of the panel.