Macabre underpinnings

Everything needs a good underpinnings, a strong foundation… what’s holding you up?  Melora and Oubliette have some lovely Slick Leggings for you at  Suicide Dollz right now!

Oubliette‘s beautiful fitmesh leggings have some amazing texture to them — these aren’t appliers, you can see the little wrinkles and ridges to them!  They’ve also got a nice glossy sheen that comes out very nicely in the photos.  Slick Leggings come in your choice of 10 wonderfully dark textures, as well as a fatpack featuring a bonus texture.

JHC‘s Faunwest boots are cute little ankle boots, but they’re a bit disappointing.  I know, it’s dark enough that you can hardly see them here, and that’s not entirely an accident.  The ad claims that they work with a variety of mesh bodies, but they are NOT fitmesh rigged, they appear to simply be several different copies that have been size-adjusted to be ‘close’ to right.  That’s not bad, but it took a bit more adjustment to get it just right for my own body size/shape.

These are some really lovely leggings, and in enough different textures that you’re sure to find one or two or ten that are just perfect for your sense of the darke.  Stop by Suicide Dollz and take a look!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!


A little crafty…..

Melora at Oubliette has a beautiful little combo of separates inspired by The Craft for the latest round of Suicide Dollz!

  • Oubliette — Essential Lace Bralette, (22 colour HUD) (Maitreya/Physique/Hourglass/Venus/Isis/Freya)
  • Oubliette — Penty Cardigan Sweater (6 colours, sold separately plus fatpack) (TMP/Maitreya/Physique/Hourglass)
  • OublietteDia Skirt (12 colours, sold separately plus fatpack) (Maitreya/Physique/Hourglass/Venus/Isis/Freya)
  • The Season of the WitchPentacle Necklace
  • The Sugar Garden — Frilly Lace Socks
  • — Jane Heels (black)
  • an lar [poses]Tara Mini Series – Two pose

The fatpack HUDs for the Penty Cardiagn and the Dia skirt come with two bonus colours not available separately!

  • Artis — Caged 1a pose

Like all magic spells, this one is fleeting: the current round of Suicide Dollz is over at the end of this week.  Wiggle your nose and magic yourself over today.

Mahalo!  A hui hou!