Heart of Soraya

Bee and Solace at Silvan Moon Designs have a wonderful exclusive for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival!    The three-piece Psalm of Soraya has four lovely commons colours, and full sets in coal and ice as rares.

I shared Spyralle‘s Grow a New Heart with you before, it looks just perfect in Soraya’s chest cut-out

Solas’ fine mesh skills show up in the lovely lace-up back.  And take a look at Bee’s butterflies hiding in the gown texture!

You’d best hurry: the Fantasy Gacha Carnival only lasts until September 7th, then it, too, disappears like a dream.

Mahalo!  A hui hou!


A flair for the batik

I’m a sucker for beautiful batiks, and I found this lovely one from Applique Chic  as I was going through my inventory this week.  The Island Tropic dress is from the Beached Bunny Hunt 7, which is sadly now over.  Hopefully Applique Chic will return it to the shop!

Island Tropic is HUD-driven with six lovely textures, and comes in the standard five rigged mesh sizes, plus fitmesh for all three Belleza bodies, both SLink, both Tonic, Maitreya, TMP, Ocacin, and Ebody.  Wow!

Happy Aloha Friday, all my lovely friends!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!




on a midsummer’s night

“Though she be but little, she is fierce!”

This lovely little mesh outfit is offered as a group gift at Rowena’s Designs.  The Fairy Dress is a mesh outfit including wings, and has a five-colour HUD to fit your tastes.  The top, skirt, and wings are rigged as a single piece, and cannot be worn independently.

The wings are static and unscripted, but have a beautiful semi-transparent texture.  They, too, have colour-change options that subtly tint the multicolour iridescent texture.  The lovely Forest Edge mask from Spyralle has a HUD for six different leaf colours and four stem colours!

Stop by Rowena’s Designs and pick up The Fairy Dress, and take a look around at all the other pretties!

“Know but this and all is mended.
That you have but slumbered here,
While these visions did appear,
And this weak and idle theme,
No more yielding, but a dream.”

Mahalo!  A hui hou!


Second Chances

Sometimes things slip by, a little bit lost in the shuffle.  Florette is a lovely dress that Spyralle featured at the Walk in the Garden event supporting Women for Women International.   While the Walk in the Garden event is over, you’ve got a second chance!  You can still find Florette at The Avenue until June 24th!

Florette features a beautiful little dress plus matching capri-length yoga pants.  So it’s perfect for both summer and for cooler fall days!

The dress comes in the standard five rigged-mesh sizes plus fitmesh for both SLink, all three Belleza, TMP, and Maitreya mesh bodies.  The yoga pants come in both standard layers plus Omega appliers!

It just goes to show, it pays to pay attention to your favourite creators and their notices!   But head over to The Avenue and you can chooose from six beautiful colours!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!


Let’s get medieval on cancer!

Spyralle is supporting Relay for Life with a lovely gown exclusive for the 2017 UAC Medieval Faire!  Elys is stunning with Kerryth’s lovely textures in gold, blue or purple.

Elys comes in five rigged mesh sizes and three different fitmesh versions as well.  The fitmesh are not mesh-body-specific, but appear to be different bust-sized fitmesh for the standard SL body.  That’s all right, I found that they worked just fine with my Maitreya Lara and SLink Physique bodies — just use the appropriate alpha zones.

Maxi Gossamer‘s Shell Teardrop jewelry set seems as if it were made to augment Elys!

Please come out and support Relay for Life.  I’m always proud of the fundraising efforts that we in SL participate in, it shows we really are part of a larger community!  Visit the 2017 UAC Medieval Faire soon, you have until mid-June and it will just be a memory!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!



My lovely friend Sarah introduced me to the Gem Preiz’s The Anthropic Principle (supported by the Linden Endowment for the Arts) a week ago, and rather challenged me to incorporate it in my photographs.  You can learn much more about the sim here.   It’s a large sprawling cityscape in black and neon, and is truly amazing to wander about!

It seemed a good opportunity to show you Spyralle’s new offering for Genre this month, the Face Inter Face.

  • GRAVES — G257 Mainframe Bodysuit (blue)
  • Spyralle — Face Inter Face Headpiece and HUD (exclusive at Genre)
  • AITUI — Mechanical Wings –  Majesty Snowbird +HUD Rare (Gacha item)
  • [Kikay]Mega Lay Cutie pose

Face Inter Face calls back to an earlier piece that Spyralle did for Genre some years ago.  It’s glasses, a heads-up display, and a restricted message sender all at the same time.  It features a texture-change hud to turn the sunglasses on/off and select one of four different colours, as well as select textures for the little balls and their support pieces.  You can’t see the headband with my hair, but the headband terminates in ring-like headphone speakers for quality audio reception.  😉

Face Inter Face allows the user to project one of several little fractal images on the screen, as well as a couple of emoticons and (my favourite) the letters “afk” and “brb”.  It’s very cute!

A lovely extension of this would be to allow the user to drop in their own small image and toggle through those for the heads-up display.  I’ll have to suggest that to Kerryth…..

For now, stop by Genre before June 11 and pick up a demo.  This is a lovely tech piece, and will easily complement a futuristic or post-apocalyptic get-up.  Or anything else you might think of pairing it with!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!



Kerryth at Spyralle has a lovely spring/summer dress for you, exclusively at the current round at Swank.  Lila is a mesh dress in four lovely palettes, each one featuring the lovely multicolour fractal patterns you’ve come to love in Kerryth’s work.

EarthStones’ Flight of Fancy is the perfect accent to Lila.  Flight‘s HUD allows you to select bead and wing stone colours from three different textures.  The blue/green ‘swallowtail’ scheme is perfect for Lila blue!

Due to changing customer demand, Kerryth is trying something new.  The standard five rigged mesh sizes are being sold in one box, and fitmesh for Maitreya Lara, both SLink bodies, and all three Belleza bodies is sold together in the other box.  The idea is to help cut down on the unused copies that you either delete or sit around cluttering up your inventory.  The demo box (free, of course!) has all sizes in it.  But make sure that you get the right one when you purchase!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!


Faerie of the star

A sweet friend gave me the title Faerie of the Star a long time back… and it is silly and fun and something I treasure.  And Kerryth at Spyralle has created an outfit that matches that title: the lovely Starseeker, exclusive for Fantasy Faire 2017!

This fae may not have typical wings, but her heart and soul soars in a shower of stars.  Starseeker includes a full-body-and-face tattoo (System and Omega appliers) with a set of flexi drape pieces and mesh arm vanes and headpiece/crown.   The Crown and armpieces are included with Starseeker, but are also available as a separate package.

The headpiece is a beautiful work of art.  Star-particles twinkle between the wings, and shower softly from either side.  Both side and centre effects may be turned on or off separately.  The arm vanes likewise issue a gentle shower of stars and may also be turned off as desired.  Little invisible star trails (particle generators) may be added to each hand.

If that weren’t enough, Spyralle has collaborated with Tai’Dyed to include a beautiful matching version of the Nebula dance attachments.  This is a set of 22 flexi attachments that swirl about you as you move.  The effect is stunning and must be seen to be believed!  You can pick and choose from the 22 included attachments to achieve the right look for you – or run out your maximum allowed attachments!

This outfit was made for dancing, and is absolutely gorgeous in low light.  It may be my favourite creation from Kerryth and Spyralle yet.  What’s best is that 100% of the proceeds from these items go to Relay for Life.  You can support The American Cancer Society and shine as a star at the same time!

I’ve left one more image with the dancing whisps for you on my flickr page.  It’s my favourite, and a little present for you.

Thank you so much for following us, I love bringing you some of the treasures of SecondLife!

Mahalo nui loa!  A hui hou!


Relay for Life magic

A spring evening, a glimmer in the moonlight, a glimpse of something magical…. Carrie’s Lingerie offers Dreamy in lime, complete with lingerie, wings, and makeup as an exclusive supporting Relay for Life!

Some matching makeup?  Dreamy includes eyeshadow and lippy, and it works so well with the ensemble.

I’ve added the Forest Edge mask from Spyralle and a beautiful pendant from EarthStones here.

Carrie’s mainstay has been in standard layer and applier items, and Carrie does it to good effect.  skin-tight clothing, things that should look painted on work so very well!  Add in some flexi gauzy panels and we’ve got something beautiful going on. Now… if you want something a little racier,  Carrie’s Lingerie includes two options in Dreamy: the opaque butterfly top and panty shown above… or a very lacy one shown below.

Best of all, Dreamy is one of three outfits offered by Carrie’s Lingerie for Relay for Life.  Proceeds go to the fund, so please stop by and help out the cause, and get yourself a little treat in the bargain.

And those stars?  Those are my falling stars from Blue’s Fantasy!  They’re in the inworld store, so check them out!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!


Dark fae

I wrote a while ago about the importance of colour.. and it seemed, even then, to be somewhat of a trite statement.  But it’s still so true.  I got this lovely little dress combo from Spyralle, and in the daylight hours, the iridescence didn’t make up for the grey… and fortunately I held on to it.  But oh oh oh — a dark angel / dark fae theme at my favourite girls’ club?  All of a sudden, Thornweaver Dusk took on new life!

Thornweaver features Omega appliers / standard SL clothing layers and a few different flexi skirt options.  It feels just painted on (in a good way), and the subtle colour gives a perfect iridescence.  The matching wings are unscripted, but just the right amount of flexi to flutter as you walk or dance.

A change of hair, a change of makeup… a change of mood?  And a new pet, perhaps….

If you don’t mind, I need to go take my new… friend… for a walk… erm… flight.

Mahalo!  A hui hou!