Is it nearly Halloween?  It must be, people are coming out with spooky themed group gifts!

This little witchy number comes in fitmesh sizes for classic, plus body specific sizes for eBody, Slink Hourglass and Physique, and Lara.  The hat is included, as are the shoes for Slink High as well as unrigged versions.

Prism is FREE to join, and once you do you can pick up this as well as past group gifts at the main store.


Maneki neko

What a cute jumper and jeans gift from Prism!

The beckoning cat will surely bring me luck (and customers too, as his left paw is up!)  The jumper is standard rigged mesh and the jeans have appliers for Maitreya and Omega.



I was sorting inventory the other day when I came across my folder from the Boho Fair from earlier this year!  I’d completely forgotten it as it wasn’t in my usual place for unopened things!  So, yay, blog fodder 🙂


This is a great outfit from Prism, and in addition to the five standard mesh sizes, comes with a one-size-fits-all fitmesh version.  It’s all one piece so no mix and match.  I’m wearing it on Lara, and it has a tiny issue at the back of the skirt which could easily be fixed with a shape tweak (I retouched the below pic, shhh).

The bee and honeycomb texture is very cute!


I matched it with some knee high boots from Baby Monkey, which has a huge color selection HUD, and I nearly got a perfect color match!




I’d love to show you this little outfit from Prism today, which is a group gift (eek is it last month’s already?)  I hope it’s still available 🙂


You know me, normally I’d go blonde with anything that approaches the shade of pink (sorry Nandesha) but this top is dark enough or the pants set it off enough so that it doesn’t clash too badly with my hair.  So yay!



Summer flowers

As summer is fast approaching, I thought I’d rummage in my closet for a nice summer style dress.  I’ve owned this dress for ages, and I remember dithering over buying it to attend my first Summer Queen event at Eden when I was only about a month old.  Back then, L$375 was a lot of money to a newbie (actually, it’s still more than I want to spend on a single outfit hehe) and I wavered back and forth before getting it.

It’s a lovely little dress with matching shoes in standard sizings (the shoes are non-rigged mesh and are resizable and work well on system or Slink flat feet).  It certainly makes me look forward to the warmer weather!

summer dress_004

  • Dress: Diane Floral Dress Aqua White by Prism
  • Hair: Serafine Fire by Alli & Ali
  • Hands: Slink Casual
  • Bangles: Orange Agate/ Silver Bangles by Duh!
  • Earrings: LUX Celeste by RealEvil
  • Necklace: Angel Heart Necklace TWO(F) by Gabriel