Sunset in Madison

Nooo not Madison Wisconsin, but Madison, the new skirt/top one-piece combo from Petite Mort exclusively at Tres Chic now!

Madison comes in 10 different colour combinations in fitmesh for all three Belleza bodies, both SLink, and Maitreya Lara.

Madison will only be at Tres Chic until October 10, so don’t delay!

Mahalo!   A hui hou!


a field of lavender

Here’s a lovely little dress that I picked up from the Tres Chic event a few months back.   {les baies} is a fairly new creator, but has some very nicely textured products.  I’m looking forward to seeing what Summse Sands creates next!

{les baies} is currently in-between in-world shops, but has a marketplace presence, so take a little look and see.

Mahalo!  A hui hou!


A flair for the batik

I’m a sucker for beautiful batiks, and I found this lovely one from Applique Chic  as I was going through my inventory this week.  The Island Tropic dress is from the Beached Bunny Hunt 7, which is sadly now over.  Hopefully Applique Chic will return it to the shop!

Island Tropic is HUD-driven with six lovely textures, and comes in the standard five rigged mesh sizes, plus fitmesh for all three Belleza bodies, both SLink, both Tonic, Maitreya, TMP, Ocacin, and Ebody.  Wow!

Happy Aloha Friday, all my lovely friends!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!




Embroidered Essmie

Petite Mort has a lovely dress for this round of Tres Chic: the very simple clean Essmie.   Eight beautiful earthy shades set off the most amazing embroidery I’ve seen in Second Life.  My tūtū used to do embroidery like this, she always loved this style.  She tried to teach me a little… but I was never so good as she was.

Essmie comes in fitmesh for Lara, TMP, both SLink bodies and all three Belleza bodies.  So, as a side note, I end up writing that list of bodies down often enough now that I see that list, the numbers — 1 1 2 3 — and start thinking mathy sequence thoughts.  Is that nuts?  Probably, but wow I am so happy to see so much fitmesh!

Stop by Tres Chic and see all the wonderful goodies!   You deserve a little shopping joy today!  And mahalo, tūtū, I always think of you.  🙂

Mahalo!  A hui hou!


WOH3 – Petite Mort

What would WOH3 be without some girly stuff too?  I think this very pretty lace dress is going to be a favourite for shopping when I’m not wearing my jeans 🙂

Sizes include fitmesh for Freya, Isis, Venus, TMP, Lara, Hourglass, and Physique.  Again, there are no classic fitmesh or rigged sizes.


Hauʻoli lā Pakoa!

Your friends at Petite Mort have a lovely little Easter Egg hunt going on currently at the Petite Mort store.  There are seven eggs to find (and a beautiful little basket to put them in), and each egg holds a lovely PM treat!

The Celestial Compass pendant from .Eldritch. carries just the right mystical motif for me.  The fact that it makes me think of script from the Doctor’s homeworld is just a bonus.

  • GOOSEold wooden bench pose

I’ll admit, I really love the foil flash tattoo from Alaska Metro, it suits me — and many of the clothing items I like to show you!

Blue/Green Ombre comes in fitmesh for Belleza Freya, Isis, and Venus, Maitreya Lara, and SLink Hourglass and Physique.  That’s fitmesh for all of your needs!

Stop on by Petite Mort, grab a free Easter basket, and start hunting for eggs.  Six are $10L each, and a seventh golden one is free!  You so don’t want to miss this leap into spring!  Hauʻoli lā hPakoa!  Happy Easter!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!


Boho eclectica

Okay, something I don’t do enough of — assemble outfits from components!  This was a lot of fun, though, and features a few new goodies and a few old ones that I found in my inventory.

The two Alaska Metro items come from the Spoonful of Sugar 2017 Spring Festival going on right now!  The Foil Flash tattoo gacha comes in ten different placements over the torso, arms and legs.  The rare features all ten on one layer for your convenience.  I think I found a new fave tattoo!

A different shade for the Petite Mort scarf — melon — and taupe leggings.  Petite Mort‘s Gypsy beaded scarf is gorgeous, and comes in several lovely colours.  It’s a perfect accent piece!

All I want to do is savour the taste of that kiss goodnight.

So… the question is, what will you put together today?

Mahalo!  A hui hou!


Tastes of Spring

With the change in the seasons, Tres Chic starts today, and Petite Mort has two lovely exclusives just for the occasion!

Lara is a lovely mesh dress in fitmesh for Maitreya Lara, SLink Physique and Hourglass and the standard SL avi.  It comes in six lovely colours, two of which I’ll show you today.

Melora Frost at Petite Mort really does such a lovely job with textures.  Her tastes fit perfectly with my wardrobe!

If you haven’t visited Petite Mort before, you simply must.  Melora has a wonderful eye for the bohemian style.  Stop by Tres Chic and check out the exclusives — and the rest of the market — there are so many wonderful things to see!  Don’t dawdle, Tres Chic is only around for a limited time!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!


Stars and sand

The skies darken as night falls on the beach, but the stars stay bright wherever you are in this happy little romper from Petite Mort!  Sabina was a 2016 group gift that I wanted to share with you, and I’m finally getting around to it!

Sabina  is still available right now at the old location, but might not be if you wait.  The store is in the process of moving, and that will happen SOON!   The new landmark is HERE: Petite Mort (new location).  I wouldn’t count on the gifts still being out once the move is completed!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!



Victorian Elegance

For the Winter Solstice Event, Sylvan Moon Designs brings you Victoria Faun, a beautiful gown in three parts (skirt, jacket and bodice) and a cute little pillbox hat.  It seems the perfect gown for a Midwinter Ball!

The detail on this gown – from the mesh to the textures – is amazing.  I love the little filligree at the bodice, arms, and back.  That shouldn’t be surprising, Solas and Bee do incredible work!


Victoria Faun is available in four different colours: Ice, shown above, royal blue, maroon, and hunter green.   The hunter green is my other favourite, and here I thought I’d try a slightly different look – a little more wild, a little more steampunk.  It’s amazing how just a few details will change the tone of an outfit!


The tome I’m looking for isn’t here… someone must have removed it… but who?


So, just a little grumble — make sure you grab the landmark to the Winter Solstice Event here, because it’s not easy to find otherwise.  I’m not sure that Pale Girl Productions (running the show) is trying hide the LM, but they’re not making it easy.  I can’t figure out why — if I were Solas or Bee I’d be a little honked off that PGP is making it harder for people to come to the event!

That said, there are some beautiful things there to find!  Stop by and take a look, and then head over to Silvan Moon Designs —  Solas and Bee create some amazing things for your shopping — and wearing — pleasure!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!