Fae of the Fall

After showing the lovely Queen Frani to you previously, I thought I’d share my own outfit for the Sisters of Eden Autumn Queen Dance.  I’ve blogged the base outfit before, but added a bit to create an angel of autumn?  A fall fae?  Can fae have feathered wings?

So, sometimes you get lucky.  Bare Rose created some beautiful bento wings in their “B-Wings“, sold in black and white colours.  Fortunately, they are mod, so I could change the overlay colour.  Be VERY careful, the wings are NO COPY: do NOT try changing the textureONLY change the overcolour.  I played around a little bit until I found what looked just like gold to me.  The texture-enabled wings turned that gold into something shining with a hint of metallic glint.  Just… wow.

Persefona‘s Floating Leaves come in a number of different distributions.  They’re mesh, not particles, so they don’t contribute to the kinds of rendering issues and lag (and annoyance) that particle generators can.  They do attach to the body, so they move somewhat rigidly about you, but depending on your use they look absolutely wonderful.  They worked well for my dances at the party!

It’s always lovely when a creator puts together an amazing outfit… but I really love that feeling of putting together pieces from here and there to create your own individualised look.

Mahalo!  A hui hou!


Bend with the breeze

The latest from Silvan Moon Designs is the lovely Willow Spirit, an all-mesh dress evoking the art nouveau style.  Willow Spirit comes in five colours, so a bunch of pictures for you today!



Each colour comes with its own matching headband.


As with other Silvan Moon products, Willow Spirit comes in the standard five mesh sizes plust Maitreya, Belleza, and Slink fitmesh!



It’s not news, perhaps, that a long mesh gown has something of a limited use to someone who really likes to dance.  But Willow Spirit just keeps growing on me, and I find myself wearing it just for fun.  This is one beautiful outfit that is a perfect addition to my wardrobe.  Keep up the good work, Silvan Moon!

Mahalo! A hui hou!


A downpour….

A week or two ago, I had the pleasure to share Calista Rain, the first release from Silvan Moon Designs, the new collaboration between Blue Moon Enterprises and The White Armory.

Just as that blog post went to press, Silvan Moon released additional colours that I didn’t have the chance to photograph.  I finally got the chance to take a few more pics, so I just thought I’d share them with you here.

So… four more colours of Silvan Rain — a veritable downpour.  I won’t waste a lot of time with words, they speak for themselves. 🙂






Four more wonderful shades, for a total of five.  I’m just absolutely stunned by the shading, the textures… these gowns are magnificent, and are available in standard mesh sizes plus fitmesh for standard SL avatars, Slink, Maitreya, and Belleze mesh avatars.  Keep your eyes out for more new treasures from Silvan Moon Designs!

Aloha!  A hui hou!