I’m not much into role play, but as you probably know, there’s a huge role play genre in SL, including Gorean inspired stuff.  I’m certainly not a fan due to their depiction of sexual brutalization, but I’ll at least model the clothes, particularly when they’re as pretty as this.

The camisk style dress comes in sizes for Freya, Isis, Venus, and Lara only.

Obviously this is another article of clothing that’s only suitable for A-rated sims.


Golden Spider

One more Halloween outfit for you from me, dear reader, and then we’ll call the spooky season done for another year.  This gown is a group gift from Glitter, and along with the makeup, makes for a creepy outfit indeed!

The gown is only in standard rigged mesh sizes, and the sleeves can be a little problematic with SLink hands, but all in all it’s a lovely, creepy dress 🙂  There is also a four texture HUD included that let’s you remove the corset, and change the texture to basic black and another design.