Here’s a group gift top from Scandalize.  It uses the same mesh as a previous GG, but as it’s nice lace, I don’t mind at all 🙂

The top comes in sizes for Freya, Isis, Venus, Physique, Hourglass, and Lara.

I paired it with a pair of black pants and a ribbon choker, and I think this color hairstyle works really well with this look.



This is a recent SLF&O gift from Nevermore Designs.


The dress comes in standard mesh sizes plus there are standard sizes for those with a little more in the boob department.  There are also fitmesh versions for Maitreya, Belleza, and Slink.  Also included are the nice sandals for Slink High.




Hanky Panky

This cute little outfit was on Nevermore Designs’ Midnight Mania board for a number of days before we finally scared up enough people to come and click it 🙂  Thanks to Sorcha for leaving it on the board for long enough!


This is in standard sizes, but the extra small works well for me on Lara.  Also included in the package were a pair of his and hers skinny mesh jeans in standard sizes, and a really great set of cheetah print keds for Slink Flat that I’m sure I’ll show you in a future post!


I’m glad it’s easier to change your hair colour in SL than it is in RL!  This works with my standard reds, but it works so much better with this great blonde style 🙂



When’s that train?

While talking to Sorcha at Nevermore Designs earlier, she let me have a sneak peek at what’s coming up at the Secret 60 event for the weekend.  The dress and jeans come in all the standard sizes, and the jeans include shapes for Belleza, Maitreya, and Slink Physique and Hourglass.  I’m wearing this on Maitreya Lara, and I had to change my shape to get this to work for me.  I’m pretty hourglass-y shape-wise, so I had to slim down in the (hates this word) saddlebag area 🙂



The top is fairly uniform black, including the belt detail, so here’s a closeup.


And again, the pack includes footwear, this time heels for Slink Highs!

All three pieces are included in the box at the event, for the unbelievably cheap price of L$60.  Run and get yours!



Balloons, bridges, and blue

A slate blue dress that is!  There are so many events on at the moment, I’m overwhelmed.  I had to ask Sorcha Jinx – the creator of the dress  – to remind me which event she was featuring at so I could tell you!  D’oh!


The dress is rigged mesh in standard sizing and the calf high boots are included!  The dress has a lovely little ruffle detail at the bodice. And neither Sorcha and I could figure out which event it was at!  She thought it was the Secret 60 event, but I’m not so sure?  As she said “Oh goodness!  It’s been a busy month!”