Bright beauty from Anna’s Nest!

Aloha, my friends!  I was introduced to a lovely new shop the other day when I met the owner, Annabell Wandsworth.  Anna’s Nest Home and Fashions is a wonderfully eclectic shop, with some wonderfully detailed goodies for your home and for your body!

Drape Dress is a lovely mesh gown in standard rigged mesh and fitmesh sizes for SLink, Belleza, and Maitreya bodies.  It fits just right, particularly in back… so dance with me slow.. and hold me just so.

Please stop by Anna’s Marketplace link and have a look around.  Her home decorations are incredible, you won’t be disappointed!  Mahalo!  A hui hou!


Spoonful of Sugar, part 2

Time is running out at Spoonful of Sugar, but there’s still time to get in on the lovely treats and help support Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) (Doctors Without Borders).  A portion of every purchase of Spyralle‘s Sylvia dress goes to support MSF, so you get to help others in need and look great as you do!

Sylvia comes in six beautiful colours to suit the season and your mood!

Don’t miss out!  Make a contribution to MSF, stop by  Spoonful of Sugar, and share a little joy and peace.  The world really needs it these days!

Mahalo!  Happy Aloha Friday!  A hui hou!


Dialing Home

There is joy in wandering…. and joy in returning.  The cosmos is my home, the dance of the stars my heartbeat. 

Neil said “We are made of the dust of stars, and the oceans flow in my veins”.

Come with me…. let’s set a course.  Second star to the left, and straight on until dawn.

Mahalo!  A hui hou!



Aloha kākou!  Greetings from the Islands, sending you all my love from home!  Prism Design has the perfect swimwear for me, a lovely tropical-print boy shorts ‘kini for a group gift!  

  • GLITTER — Back Pose (Pose Lover event gift)

Eeek, I may have stayed out in the sun too long!  Sounds like time for a nice tropical drink in the shade, sit back and relax and let the world go by.   I wish you all a wonderful day filled with aloha.

Mahalo!  A hui hou!


A night out

Happy Friday, everyone!  I found this lovely minidress,Diamonds Take You Higher,  from Precious Designs, and it seemed perfect for hitting the clubs!

Diamonds features a lovely texture-change HUD with several lovely colour options. I do love the purple!

Whether you’re going out on the night, enjoying a quiet night in, or even if you’re still hard at work — I wish you a wonderful aloha Friday.  Love and hugs and kisses, my lovely friends!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!



Pua nani

Today I get to share this lovely little pressie that some dear friends got for me.  Bondo Beach is a lovely mesh dress from Oi Bae!, and the fact that my dears thought of me when when they saw this fills me with joy.  🙂

Bondo Beach comes in fitmesh for SLink Physique and Hourglass, Maitreya Lara, and eBODY.  It truly is pua nani — a beautiful blossom.

A little time on the beach sounds like just what this wahine needs.  Grab your towel, I’ll see you there!

Mahalo! A hui hou!



Burnished copper

The other day I shared Dolphin from Ally★Adventure with you — an older bathing suit that I’ve had for a while.  I went back to look at Ally’s line, and have found that she’s offering new clothing fitted for mesh bodies!  I couldn’t resist Xenia!  Xenia is available in a host of different colours and textures, but I fell for the copper chainmail/mesh.  

I can’t resist another chance to show the sultry and seductive Nefertiti eyeliner from [GA.EG], built for their line of mesh faces.

Also, a happy greeting to a new sponsor, [Kikay] poses!  [Kikay] makes a host of beautiful cute poses for singles and for couples.  I’ll be sharing a lot with you as time goes on!

So much fun and sexy newness! Please stop by and take a look.  Ally★Adventure features demos with all their sizes (fitted mesh and rigged mesh) and textures.

Mahalo!  A hui hou!


Daughter of the sea

All life comes from the Sea.

  • Spyralle — Waverider Green Flash tattoo, fins, drape and crown
  • Luminesse — Sea Turtle Green Agate necklace & earrings
  • Exposeur Props and Poses — February Gift 15-6M pose (Marketplace Link)

When Kerryth at Spyralle came out with Waverider in mesh fins and Omega appliers (or standard SL layers) I thought WOW!  All it needs is a tail to be a perfect mermaid.  I’ve been on the hunt for a tail to a) complement it, and b) work with a mesh body ever since.

.:!EVolved creatures!:. came to the rescue, with a Bento enabled tail.   This tail waves so very smoothly, it is a joy to swim!

EVolved creatures has really put together a remarkable tail even without Bento.  MErmaid tail #1 features an amazing HUD that allows you to adjust glow, transparency, and alpha of the fins, belt, and scales.  There’s a skin blender at the waist, and an amazing selection of scale patterns.  I’ve shown a lightning-y one above — it’s my favourite as I think it complements Kerryth’s Waverider patterns (lightning is awfully fractal in nature, you know).  I thought I’d show you a few other options as well, though.

You can’t see the full crown so well with Calico‘s Talia hair, but it features a band across the forehead with fins from the side, and the same fractal motif as the body tattoo.  Luminesse‘s green agate Sea Turtle jewelry completes the ensemble.

I’ll admit, I took WAY too many pics of this, but I have so totally fallen in love with this outfit, both with and without the tail.  There are a host of pictures on flickr, and I’ll post more over the next few days.

Please go try out EVolved creatures‘s tail, there’s a 1L demo.  It doesn’t feature the HUD, but you can see how well it fits and how well it moves.  One quick note — the Bento tail can misbehave a bit on mermaid dances and animations (although it does fine on poses).  This is a Bento issue, and Tithis at EVolved is aware of it and working on the problem.  There will be a free update when it’s solved!

From this wahine hiʻu iʻa to all of you, aloha kakou!  Mahalo! A hui hou!



The light of dawn

Sister of Selene, goddess of the Moon, and  Helios, god of the Sun is Eos, goddess of the dawn.  Spyralle‘s  Eos is just as bright and beautiful as her namesake!

  • Spyralle — Eos gown, updated with Omega appliers
  • Luminesse — Sea Turtle Purple/Green/Orange Agate necklace & earrings
  • [L.Warwick] — Savannah Ankle Strapped Heels (Grape Leather)
  • GLITTER — May Group Gift #2 pose

I love Luminesse’s honu Sea Turtle jewelry sets! They are bright and cheery and feel like they are at once casual and fancy — or can be, whichever you need.  And when you are wearing purple hair, that’s exactly the flexibility you want!

Kerryth has updated Eos with Omega appliers, although it’s still available in SL clothing layers.  It features several different flexi add-on pieces to complete the gown, gauzy and gorgeous!

Stop by Spyralle and take a look at her Omega-updated outfits, as well as all of the beautiful mesh.  Mahalo!  A hui hou!



Help Support Medecines Sans Frontieres!

SL is no stranger to charities, and Spoonful of Sugar is perhaps one of my favourite so far.  Five sims of shops and activities and events, and the proceeds go to Medecines Sans Frontieres / Doctors Without Borders, helping the sick and injured in some of the most needy parts of the world.

Spyralle‘s contribution is the lovely Kirana mesh gown.  It’s sized in the standard five standard sizes, but works well with my Slink Physique.


Luminesse‘s Sea Turtle happened to complement Kirana perfectly, in each colour!


Kirana comes in six lovely colour/textures.  I’ve got three of them here to show you, for the others you’ll have to stop by Spyralle’s booth at Spoonful.   There’s a demo you can try, always a good idea!

There’s more, though — there’s a one of a kind special Royal Batik Summer Gypsy in Torch Light.  This colour pattern will only be available for ONE copy of this outfit, and it’s up for bidding here.  Sadly, I couldn’t convince Kerryth to get me a copy to demonstrate for you  😀  but you must stop by and put in a bid!

Good luck!  Aloha!  A hui hou!