A gift from Day 10 of Glitter’s Advent Calendar.

This nice knit dress is only available in standard sized fits, hence there are a couple of tiny clipping issues with Lara.  As it’s not fitmesh, a couple of tiny tweaks to your shape may be required. But the texturing nearly makes up for any issues!  It looks really nice, just the thing for a winter’s day!


Golden Spider

One more Halloween outfit for you from me, dear reader, and then we’ll call the spooky season done for another year.  This gown is a group gift from Glitter, and along with the makeup, makes for a creepy outfit indeed!

The gown is only in standard rigged mesh sizes, and the sleeves can be a little problematic with SLink hands, but all in all it’s a lovely, creepy dress 🙂  There is also a four texture HUD included that let’s you remove the corset, and change the texture to basic black and another design.



Glitter 6000 members gift

Glitter are celebrating their 6000th group member by giving away this lovely gown as a thank you!

It comes in standard mesh sizes, plus fitmesh for Belleza, Physique, Hourglass, Lara, and TMP.

The skirt is fairly transparent particularly at the back lol.  The two alphas that come with the gown mask out your top or the full length, but as I like to have my feet show, I didn’t alpha anything while wearing it on Lara.  This would not go over well at Frank’s 😉

Thanks Shine, and the rest of the team over at Glitter!


The light of dawn

Sister of Selene, goddess of the Moon, and  Helios, god of the Sun is Eos, goddess of the dawn.  Spyralle‘s  Eos is just as bright and beautiful as her namesake!

  • Spyralle — Eos gown, updated with Omega appliers
  • Luminesse — Sea Turtle Purple/Green/Orange Agate necklace & earrings
  • [L.Warwick] — Savannah Ankle Strapped Heels (Grape Leather)
  • GLITTER — May Group Gift #2 pose

I love Luminesse’s honu Sea Turtle jewelry sets! They are bright and cheery and feel like they are at once casual and fancy — or can be, whichever you need.  And when you are wearing purple hair, that’s exactly the flexibility you want!

Kerryth has updated Eos with Omega appliers, although it’s still available in SL clothing layers.  It features several different flexi add-on pieces to complete the gown, gauzy and gorgeous!

Stop by Spyralle and take a look at her Omega-updated outfits, as well as all of the beautiful mesh.  Mahalo!  A hui hou!



Hot as ice, cold as flame

When ice and flame get together, something is going to get steamy.  Dressed by Lexi is sending up risque sparks with Risque, group gift for the month of January!  Quick, there are only a few days left!

I decided to augment this with a lovely necklace from an older outfit by Lexi.  Tantalise features a colour-change HUD to match the dress, a necklace and earrings as well as arm cuffs.  The low pendent back of the necklace is perfect for Risque’s low back.

Risque is offered in Omega appliers and standard layers for that sexy painted-on look.  It features beautiful flexi skirting, giving the gown that beautiful swish that is absolutely glamorous at the ball.

  • GLITTER — Back Pose (Pose Lover event gift)

Blue Flame is offered as a group gift, but there are four other colours plus jewelry and shoes for sale at reduced prices for the month!  Stop by Dressed by Lexi today!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!


Ice storm

I know, Christmas passes and many of us take down the lights, we put away decorations, we start thinking of spring…. but spring is a long way away, and Winter still has a lot of beauty to share.  Glitter has a lot of beauty to share, too — Queen of Ice was one of their Advent gifties, and it’s too beautiful to keep to myself.  🙂

Queen of Ice features Omega and Belleza appliers with beautiful flexi add-on bits for the gown and veils.  It features a high neckline which let me get away with the beautiful Heart of the Sea from Zuri, a beautiful gift from a more beautiful friend.  Heart features a HUD with a choice of gemstones!

There is a lot of sparkle in the Winter… icicles and snowflakes.. and while we may get tired of the cold, remember that the heat will come all too soon.  The magic is all around us!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!



Newness for your inner geek!  Let your nerdiness take over the ‘verse!  Jadziyah at Eclectic Stars has some sweet mesh leggings for you!  They’re maybe not the warmest for the winter, those are triangular cutouts!  They’re fun and just a little cheeky.

Who wouldn’t want to be warm and snuggly in a hoodie like this?  8-bit graphics and a zipper down just so. Perfect for a tease of a t-shirt underneath… or just a little skin.  Or even better, a pendant that that Daleks would surely love to get their hands on — a lovely little treat from the Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop, complete with matching earrings.

The leggings are available in a host of fun patterns — stop by Eclectic Stars and check them all out!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!


Snowflakes and Sparkle

Two lovely little winter treats for you today — a beautiful little snowflakes jumper and some amazing jewelry from Earthstones!  The jumper is an older one group gift from Calamitous Intent, but is a favourite for the cold winter months. 

I’ll readily admit, I love sparkle.  Not cheezy bling, but beautiful sparkling lights.  So when I saw the beautiful Twinkling Lights jewelry at Earthstones, I completely fell in love.  There is a necklace, earrings, bracelet and anklet, sold separately so you can choose what you love.  I love them all!

GLITTER —Always #3 pose

As you might expect, Twinkling Lights is a little script-heavy, but it’s not bad — just be warned that if you are on a heavy-traffic sim (a busy club?) and they monitor scripts, you might be up high on the board  🙂  BUT the sparkle is beautiful, and I’ve been wearing it mostly non-stop since I got it!

  • bauwerk — Winter Nook (with Snowtop) pose

Wherever you are this holiday season, however you celebrate this time of year, I wish you happiness and light.  Mele Kalikimaka me ka Hau’oli Makahiki Hou!


Gossamer beauty

Aloha, na hoaloha!  I’ve been wanting to share with you some of the treasures from Spyralle‘s advent calendar.  They’re utterly amazing beauty, and Kerryth has made them even better — and is giving them to you for the Holiday season!

So, You’re probably familiar with Spyralle‘s beautiful art and some very pretty mesh.  Kerryth created a lot of beautiful SL layered items featuring flexi skirts.  Well, she’s updated the SL layers, creating Omega appliers for them.  Now she’s been updating the flexi skirts as well!  And they’re your gift for being a Spyralle member!

What’s that?  Not a member of Spyralle?  There’s a group join fee whenever there are gifts available, but wow is this worth it.  Yes, I know we’re half way through december, but we still have over a week to go before the calendar runs out, and she’s had a new/revamped outfit up EVERY DAY.   You can do the math!  You truly cannot afford to miss out on this!  I’ll be showing you a few more outfits before we’re done!

Please stop on by Spyralle and take a look.  These dresses, skirts, gowns are just gorgeous.  Mahalo, Kerryth!

Mele Kalikimaka me ka Hau’oli Makahiki Hou!

A hui hou!