Golden Spider

One more Halloween outfit for you from me, dear reader, and then we’ll call the spooky season done for another year.¬† This gown is a group gift from Glitter, and along with the makeup, makes for a creepy outfit indeed!

The gown is only in standard rigged mesh sizes, and the sleeves can be a little problematic with SLink hands, but all in all it’s a lovely, creepy dress ūüôā¬† There is also a four texture HUD included that let’s you remove the corset, and change the texture to basic black and another design.



Halloween is just around the corner

I picked up this great little dress for Halloween at Trick or Treat Lane, which runs through until November 3rd.

Sizes include a one-size-fits-all for classic, and specific fits for EBody, Freya, Isis, Venus, Lara, Physique, and Hourglass.

Some demonic tattoos, black makeup, and high boots complete the outfit!

  • Dress: Skully Dress by Get Frocked
  • Body: Lara by Maitreya
  • Hands: Slink Dynamic
  • Tattoo: Darkness Surrounds by PMS
  • Makeup: Rival Black Combo Makeup by Glamorize
  • Boots: Black Boots Over the Knee by Black Diamond (unavailable)
  • Hair: Eloise Dip 02 by MINA

Here comes trouble.

I should have known that when Andrea and I went looking for a place for a few drinks and some dancing, we could only end up in one place —

  • Addams —¬†Kendall Loose shirt¬†(#25)
  • AddamsOrnella High Rise Jeans (#23)
  • DeVicious —¬†Glow Boots (black) ¬†(sadly,¬†DeVicious is no longer available either in-world or on Marketplace)
  • an lar [poses]Tara Mini Series – Three pose

Andrea just recently upgraded to a mesh body (Maitreya Lara) and a new skin (WoW Skins ¬†2016 Irene Bronze CL), and I think she just looks fabulous. ¬†Plus… ¬†it’s a whole new world of shopping up for her! ¬†Addams¬†has a host of lovely mesh clothing items to fill your wardrobe, with lots of fitmesh to fit any mesh body.

Summer is a great time to turn over a new leaf, to get a new start.  Well, frankly, anytime is a good time to take a new start!  Now, how about that dance?

So much mahalo to Andrea for agreeing to pose for my camera!

Aloha!  A hui hou!


Sci Fi

We have a themed party at Eden every week on Saturdays at 2-4pm SLT.  If you like dressing up and having fun and want to have a chance of winning a few linen dollars for best in theme, you should come along and join us!  Girls only though!

Last week, it was a Science Fiction theme.¬† Here’s what I wore!

Lots of stuff to tell you about in this costume ūüôā¬† First, the hair.¬† This was a gift from last year’s Hair Fair.¬† I’ve been looking for an opportunity to wear it, and it seemed to be a perfect fit for this outfit, particularly as it has a full fatpack of colors and I could get a nice green to match my snakeskin tattoo (system layers and Omega applier in black, white, and this evil green).

The makeup is from Glamorize and is a combo set with lips, eye shadow, and teeth (!)

The corset is from D’eVil, and is Lara fitmesh only.

The pants are part of a set from Apple May and include system layers and Omega and Maitreya appliers.  This has a top too, and sculptie bows for the back, which are not needed for this, but makes for a wonderful set of lingerie worn on its own.

And to top it off we have the two amazing mesh pieces: an animated eye from CyberLove and some truly awesome power implants from Nerox!

The detail on the power implants are stunning.¬† Fantastic textures and animations on the central power pack for the spine and the power cables linking it all together!¬† The system is designed for the Kemono body, but works fine with Lara with some small adjustments.¬† The power cables are fitmesh, but again, they work perfectly on Lara.¬† The photos don’t do this justice, it has to be seen to be believed.¬† Awesome work!

  • Corset: Corsage Detailed Maitreya Latex Black by D’eVil
  • Pants: Izzie Black by Apple May
  • Body: Lara by Maitreya
  • Hands: Slink Dynamic
  • Boots: Nezumi Latex Boots by Baby Monkey
  • Hair: Valiant by Shi
  • Body tattoo: Omega Combo Snakeskin Green by RSC
  • Skin: Adore Peach Bare by Lumae
  • Makeup: Rival Black Combo – Eyes Lips by Glamorize
  • Lashes: Lashes 1 by WoW Skins
  • Eye: Dark Trooper Eyes by CyberLove (marketplace link)
  • Power system: Cyber Implants Mk2 by Nerox (marketplace link)