One World is enough for all of us.

Hey, you know what?  My Mamma Jaz is celebrating her fourth year as a DJ at A Woman’s Touch, and there’s a party.  In celebration, I thought I’d feature a beautiful little fun outfit from her early days.  It’s rigged mesh in standard sizes from Danika, but One World is still a cute little get-up!

One World comes with a texture-change HUD for your choice of five or so different shirt patterns!  It’s lovely fun!

Happy Anniversary, Mamma Jaz!  Congratulations!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!


Who do you want to be?

Aloha my lovely friends!  Some happy bright new things from Brii Underground Wear and Alaska Metro <3 today!

You know, I was wandering about, looking for a lovely place to take some pictures, and I came across this sign.  And I thought “wow, what wisdom that is — be with people who make you happy”.  

Some beautiful new makeup from Alaska Metro <3:  Rose Gold features some lovely gently glittery lippy and eyeshadow five different gentle shades with classic, Omega, Lelutka and Catwa appliers!  4Mesh runs from September 12th through October 11, so don’t dawdle.

  • <K&S> — Candy #2 pose

I thought about it a little more… and it’s true, there are many who fill my life with joy and love and laughter.  My Blue, my sister, my friends, the dear heart who helps me edit some images every now and again….   I have a hard time imagining where I would be without each and every one of them

But then, too, sometimes… you need your priorities right.  If you don’t love yourself, how would you expect anyone else to?  Stretch your wings and fly.

Luane’s World poses are on sale right now, 50% off many lovely things!

Be your dream.  Have a wonderful Friday, and a beautiful weekend, everyone!  Mahalo!  A hui hou!


Autumn moon

Sometimes I have an item in my inventory that I rather like – but I just don’t seem to be able to find the right outfit to put it with.  It sits there lurking in the background, maybe even prompting the “should I get rid of it?” thoughts when I come across it.

Well, Owl Moon by Spyralle was one of those for me, until a week ago.  Eden was holding our Autumn Queen dance, and I thought of this gown — and with a few ingenious additions, put together an outfit that I can’t wait to wear again and again!


Owl Moon is a lovely mesh gown (rigged mesh in the standard five sizes), and I’ll admit, part of the problem in my inventory may be my love to dance — and the… awkwardness… of some mesh gowns for dancing.  Well, part of that, of course, is to choose your dances appropriately.  Some shuffle-y dances from Humanoid did just the trick for me!

The wreath of daisies from Caverna Obscura accentuates the oranges and greens, as do a fire opal pendant and earrings from Evelock.septembermoon_c009

For the dance itself, I added a beautiful pair of wings from Faeline Fairy — because sometimes everyone needs to unfurl their wings.  Shigeko come in a several colour schemes, but the oranges and purples just seemed made for Owl Moon September.


So, lessons? Go back and look at your inventory with fresh eyes, you might find new and exciting ways to use things — whether they’re old favourites or items you’ve never worn.  And don’t get rid of that pretty outfit just because you haven’t worn it yet, no matter how long you’ve had it!  😉

And go take a look at Spyralle — Owl Moon comes in a number of beautiful patterns!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!