Kerryth at Spyralle has a wonderful treat.  Réalta was originally offered for the Team Diabetes Winter Showcase, which has now passed by, but it’s now available for purchase in the Spyralle main store!

Réalta comes in the standard five rigged mesh sizes, plus fitmesh for the standard body and for Physique and Hourglass bodies only.  That said, I had no problem using the standard fitmesh on my Lara with the appropriate use of alpha zones.  I LOVE this gown!  Long mesh gowns are always a chore to dance in, but this one is still such a happiness!

Kerryth has five beautiful textures for Réalta.  I loved them so much I couldn’t pick just one to blog, but you’ll have to wait until next week to see the others!  Stop by Spyralle, and look back here next week to see the other textures!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!


Bundled up

Winter brings snow, and time to bundle up!  My favourite coat is an older coat in rigged mesh from Mishmash Fusion!  It’s rigged mesh in the standard five sizes, but the coverage works really nicely even with mesh bodies!  Add some nice tights from Baby Monkey and you’re ready for some cold weather!

Mishmash Fusion has a whole host of different colours to choose from, with white and black fur lining.  The detail is lovely, and the colours are so nice and vibrant!  Stay warm!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!


I’m ready for the cold!

Okay, I may be a daughter of the islands… but I do love a nice warm jumper and boots on a cold wintery night!  Sallie has a perfect happy sweater, not too oversized, but just right with a pair of tights!

  • ProPoseF1, September Group Gift

The cording on this jumper is just beautiful, I love the texture that Sallie created!

Bring on the snow!  Bundle up, it’s chilly out there!  Hmmmm, I should find my coat.

Mahalo!  A hui hou!



A moment of destiny

Do not go within the ring… the fae live beyond the stones, and they are fierce in their passions: they mark their own.  Once you venture beyond… you will be lost unto them.

Silvan Moon Designs has a wonderful outfit for  you for the November We Love Role Play event!  Iona Destiny is a two-part fitmesh outfit for SLink Hourglass and Physique, Maitreya Lara, as well as fitmesh for the standard SL body.  Its is available in seven different dark jeweltones.

Solas and Bee are an amazing team.  Stop by We Love Role Play and take a look around through this month!

As for me… I ventured beyond… they have marked me… and my destiny is theirs.

Mahalo!  A hui hou!




wandering on the moor

Bee and Solas at Silvan Moon Designs have created a lovely outfit for the June We Love Role Play event: Rohanna of the Moors, a one-piece corset-and-skirt combo in fitmesh for Maitreya Lara and both SLink bodies.

There are six lovely colours, and I think it works as well as a casual fun outfit as it does for a medieval-type skirt.

Rohanna is currently available only at We Love Role Play, and is 25% off for the event.  Stop by and see the other four lovely colours!  Don’t let this slip you by!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!


Dark skies and darker looks

One of my favourite DJs in Eden has started hosting a new montly (or so) Goth event, “Cravin’ the Raven”, and I put together a great new outfit for the occasion.  I assembled this from some wonderful creators to create a look that really suits a dangerous mood.

Exposeur Props and Poses — February Gift 15-3 pose (Marketplace Link)

Have fun experimenting out there…. just… take a friend or two along with you.  This place looks a bit on the creepy side….

Mahalo!  A hui hou!


Boho eclectica

Okay, something I don’t do enough of — assemble outfits from components!  This was a lot of fun, though, and features a few new goodies and a few old ones that I found in my inventory.

The two Alaska Metro items come from the Spoonful of Sugar 2017 Spring Festival going on right now!  The Foil Flash tattoo gacha comes in ten different placements over the torso, arms and legs.  The rare features all ten on one layer for your convenience.  I think I found a new fave tattoo!

A different shade for the Petite Mort scarf — melon — and taupe leggings.  Petite Mort‘s Gypsy beaded scarf is gorgeous, and comes in several lovely colours.  It’s a perfect accent piece!

All I want to do is savour the taste of that kiss goodnight.

So… the question is, what will you put together today?

Mahalo!  A hui hou!



It’s just determination to stick through the long haul.  Whatever you are fighting against, whatever you are fighting for.  It’s remembering that there are others out there who are fighting with you, who are standing by you, who have your back.

Maybe that’s Carrie Fisher who gave us a hero.  Maybe it’s a sister, a brother, a friend who will not let you down.  Maybe its millions of women around the world standing together.

Whether you’re fighting an illness… or the system…. or just your Monday —

You are not alone.

Just thought you should know that.


Gilding the Lily

Newness at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival!  Silvan Moon Designs offers Lily of Dellhollow, a beautiful new mesh outfit in multiple independent components — top, vest, belt, skirt and pareo.

Lily is offered in three commons (aqua, pink, green) and rare red!  As with all the lovely SMD offerings, it comes in standard mesh sizes plus Maitreya and  SLink fitmesh.

You might know, it takes a lot to get me to wear red, as it often clashes with my ginger…. but the Lily gacha rare is stunning.  Add a ribbon from .wound to complete the look!

SMD offers a lot of role-play and period pieces, but this is one of those that I can see wearing on a much wider basis.  Solas and Bee keep coming out with amazing work.  Visit the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, and stop by Silvan Moon Designs and give them some love!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!


A ranger for a silvan moon

A silvan moon?  Is that like a Forest moon?  or a little nod to the passing of Gene Cernan?   Certainly the Ranger probes didn’t land among the trees.

No, it’s a desperate attempt to come up with a clever title to share Silvan Moon Designs‘s beautiful Ranger of Islavare.

Daisy Wreath from Caverna Obscura is an old favourite, but the Family Tree of Life pendant is a lovely new item from Earthstones.  It features a choice of metal options, plus three gems that are independently selectable from the “standard” set of birthstone colours.

Ranger of Islavare is featured in five different colours — four of which are shown here.  Shadow (shown at the top) is a lovely black theme, and below you can see Hunter (sagey green), Brooke (dark blue), and Rune (aqua).  There’s also Secret, a beautiful dark red (not shown).

Ranger features the dress, leggings, cloak and matching boots (not shown here).  Dress and leggings are available in the five standard rigged sizes plus standard, Slink Physique and Maitreya fitmeshes.  There are also standard layer and Slink, Belleza, and Maitreya appliers for the leggings to help you work better with legging/boot conflicts.

Silvan Moon Designs keeps coming out with amazing work.  Stop by and give them some love!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!