Fae of the Fall

After showing the lovely Queen Frani to you previously, I thought I’d share my own outfit for the Sisters of Eden Autumn Queen Dance.  I’ve blogged the base outfit before, but added a bit to create an angel of autumn?  A fall fae?  Can fae have feathered wings?

So, sometimes you get lucky.  Bare Rose created some beautiful bento wings in their “B-Wings“, sold in black and white colours.  Fortunately, they are mod, so I could change the overlay colour.  Be VERY careful, the wings are NO COPY: do NOT try changing the textureONLY change the overcolour.  I played around a little bit until I found what looked just like gold to me.  The texture-enabled wings turned that gold into something shining with a hint of metallic glint.  Just… wow.

Persefona‘s Floating Leaves come in a number of different distributions.  They’re mesh, not particles, so they don’t contribute to the kinds of rendering issues and lag (and annoyance) that particle generators can.  They do attach to the body, so they move somewhat rigidly about you, but depending on your use they look absolutely wonderful.  They worked well for my dances at the party!

It’s always lovely when a creator puts together an amazing outfit… but I really love that feeling of putting together pieces from here and there to create your own individualised look.

Mahalo!  A hui hou!


aurora’s glow

Sometimes some amazing things come down the pike and you just go wow

Prism offers Aurora, an exclusive for the 68 Main Event going on right now.  This bodysuit is absolutely stunning in its materials and lighting, and simply must be seen to be believed.   It’s materials-enabled, and reflects local lighting beautifully.  Aurora comes with several lighting effects, the principle one is a set of multicoloured invisible lights that circle and rotate about you, causing the bodysuit to shimmer in amazing ways.

The other lighting effect consists of a set of particle generators worn on the hands that shimmer and leave trails as you move.  They’re particularly spectacular when you dance!

The bento wings come with a simple built-in animation script, but they do not flap well: they shift from one static pose to another. THE GOOD NEWS is that a bento wing AO (such as the one that came with my B-Wings from Bare Rose) works amazingly well with Aurora‘s wings!

As much fun as it was to take pics of this bodysuit, my images cannot do it justice.  Fortunately, you can go to 68 Main Event and take a look for yourself: Prism has a demonstration dummy set up for your perusal.  Note that the light motion for the dress seems a bit slower than that on the demo unit at the event (this is a plus by my thinking).

Mahalo!  A hui hou!



Sensuous lace

Light as a sunbeam, soft as a feather, a caress of lace and angel’s wings… Carrie’s Lingerie brings you Sensuous Silks, a beautiful little set of applier lingerie and silks that’s simply angelic.

I added my new favourite feathered wings from Bare Rose.  B-Wings are bento-enabled, and have the most amazing bird-wing like fluttering!  They’re full mesh, so they have proper three-dimensional structure: they’re not flat flexi-prims.  They’re GORGEOUS, and they come with a small flapping AO hud.

Oh, and one other lovely — I just discovered that my favourite hair stylist, Calico, re-released many of their recent (past year or so) hair styles with an improved colour HUD that features their older shades!  I get my light ginger again!  Yay!

Sensuous Silks is available in six lovely pastel shades, and comes with an additional modesty version.  No, I didn’t show that, what, me modest?

Mahalo my friends!  A hui hou!



Owl time

We had a crazy outfit contest in Eden on the weekend.  I was struggling to come up with something original instead of the normal silly hats and stuff, so I was browsing the marketplace and came across this awesome owl/harpy outfit!  For the usual outfits we see at Eden, I thought it would qualify as pretty crazy hehe.

There was no demo for this, so I crossed my fingers and hoped, and wow it turned out nicely!  Firstly, the outfit is really only suitable for a system body as there are no appliers, but for this it hardly matters.  There are modesty patches on system that are tintable, or as you can see here, I’m wearing the feathered texture pants that comes in the package.  The legs and wings are rigged mesh so you can’t resize them (but there are alphas for your legs and arms, or you can chose to wear system layer socks and gloves in the same feather texture as the pants, so it doesn’t really matter).  The chest, pelvis, collar. and tail pieces are all non-rigged mesh, so you can get some adjustment to suit your shape.

The hairpiece comes in both rigged and non-rigged mesh, so again, it should be easy to get a fit.  And all this added up to only 55,000 complexity, even with the materials enabled textures!  Wow.

I think this is a fabulous outfit, and I’ll certainly be looking for an opportunity to show it off again!

Now, how about an action shot? 🙂

Outfit: Owl Harpy Lady by Bare Rose