Roller Girl

This has been sitting in my inventory unopened for some time while I dithered if I could wear this color top or not.  So, I guess the answer is, yes I can 🙂

The top and skirt are separates.  The skirt has standard mesh sizes and the top has standard sizes plus a one-size-fits-all fitmesh version which works nicely on Lara.

The lace details and the creases are very nicely done!  And included is a bonus MP3 player to wear on your arm!  I’m going to put on my BF Simple Skate HUD and go and do a bit of trail skating 🙂

  • Outfit and MP3 player: Roller Girl – Razzmatazz by AvaGirl
  • Body: Lara by Maitreya
  • Hands: Slink Dynamic
  • Hair: Kissing Strangers by Exile
  • Roller skates: Derby Pin-Up Girl Sneaker Skates by Sinfully Sessy (item unavailable)


This fab little outfit was on AvaGirl’s MM board the other day and I was lucky enough to get it!

The tank top comes in standard mesh sizes, and fitmesh for classic, Belleza, Maitreya, and Slink.  It also comes with a texture HUD with six color combos. This is the aqua version.  The white jeans come in fitmesh for classic and Slink.

The detailing on the jeans is very nice, although the side seam is rather prominent, which makes for some sharp shadows if you have advanced lighting on.



A nice little MM board win from AvaGirl!

The top and skirt are separates so you can mix and match and they come with a HUD to change the colors.  In standard sizes, classic fitmesh, and fitmesh for Belleza, Maitreya, and Slink.