A tale as old as time

Solas and Bee at Silvan Moon Designs have created a new magical gown for the latest round of Enchantment.  The theme this round is the story of Beauty and the Beast, and Solas and Bee have created Belle’s Enchanted Ball Gown just for the occasion!

Belle’s Enchanted Ball Gown comes in six lovely colours and fitmesh for both SLink bodies and Maitreya Lara.  Still no fitmesh for Belleza bodies; hopefully Solas will start supporting those soon!

Kerryth at Spyralle really creates some finely-detailed jewelry, and the Like Gentle Tears tiara just magically seems to suit this gown.  Rain features a five-colour HUD that allows you to tint the hanging crystals in five shimmery light shades. 

The Enchantment sim is really something rather amazing, the builders have put a lot of work into creating the scene, and many merchants (such as Solas and Bee) have created lovely pieces just for this event.  Stop by and take a look!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!



Who says wonderful things have to be spendy?  [Appliers By Valarie] has a host of amazing bodysuit appliers that you have to see to believe.    I picked up a wonderful dollarbie, their Black 50% Catsuit.  It’s got a beautiful gloss (you’ll need to turn up the shine if you’re using the bodysuit on Maitreya Lara.  And oooooo is it transparent.

How transparent is 50% black?  VERY.  How shiny is it?  EVEN MORE.

So… what do you do if you want to wear a shiny bodysuit but social mores frown on being so transparent?  You layer it with something more opaque on a lower layer!

This has become my favourite catsuit, and all for a single linden!

Mahalo, my friends!  A hui hou!


A Grand Spyralle

Kerryth at Spyralle and Tailahr of Tai’Dyed have joined forces to create a new shopping experience for you!  The new Spyralle/Tai’Dyed main store at Mauna Waipio is now open, and it is truly a beautiful sight!

Kerryth  and Tailahr have created a wonderful little mini-hunt to celebrate the Grand Opening.  They have hidden six brightly-coloured polyhedrons (rhombicubotahedrons, for the mathematically/geometrically minded) about the store — each one is animated, and moves about in some way, peeking out and then hiding again.  Six lovely little treasures are hidden inside!

The store is based on the Nu Orne structures from Cerridwen’s Cauldron, and give a lovely sense of magic and enchantment, the perfect setting for Spyralle and Tai’Dyed’s wares.

The new store occupies the southeast portion of the sim: Kerryth and Tailahr ask that you not intrude into the private residential parts of the sim to the North and West.

I think you’re going to love the new digs.  There are a lovely host of beautiful vistas.  The team has been working very hard to bring the new location to you, and have been celebrating with parties.  I hope you enjoy the new shopping experience as much as I have!   Please stop by the new store and take a look today!

Mahalo, my friends!  A hui hou!



Alaska Metro <3 featured this amazing bodysuit back in December for an event, and while I stopped and picked it up, I hadn’t had the chance to share it with you before now.  Kristal is an applier bodysuit that has beautiful reflective detail.  It’s just glorious as you dance under coloured lights!

A good bodysuit works on a Friday night out visiting the clubs….. but is even better when you can come home and lose the jeans…

Kristal comes with two versions, one featuring a modesty panel for those who would rather not be quite so… transparent.  This is definitely one of the best applier textures I’ve ever seen!

Happy Aloha Friday, my wonderful friends!    Mahalo!  A hui hou!



The holidays may be past, but Winter is still roaring in the Northern Hemisphere.  I thought I’d show off this lovely holiday gifty from Spyralle.  Kerryth updated the Cozy sweater with a new wintery icy texture, and it’s just perfect!

I really love the fine detailing on this, the weave of the sweater and Kerryth’s amazing fractal textures!

If you’re not a Spyralle group member, you may not know that Kerryth is moving her mainstore to a new beautiful location.  She gave a sneak peak at New Year’s, but has closed it again until a proper grand-opening ceremony.  It’s beautiful, you’re going to love it.

Happy Friday, everyone, have a lovely weekend.  Mahalo!  A hui hou!


A little silk for Anybody

I can’t resist when the outfit makes me think of music (thanks, Whit) — so maybe a pseudo silk kimono….

Melora at Oubliette has a beautiful little kimono and obi combo for the latest round of AnyBody, available until January 30.   Katsumi Kimono is a lovely racy little outfit, available in six colours (and a fatpack HUD with two additional colours!) and a seven-colour obi HUD.

  • Oubliette — Katsumi Kimono with Obi (6 colours, sold separately plus fatpack) (Maitreya/Physique/Hourglass/Venus/Isis/Freya)
  • OublietteKatsumi Geta footwear/stockings (Maitreya/Physique/Hourglass/Venus/Isis/Freya)
  • EarthStonesFlight of Fancy necklace and earrings
  • Exposeur Props and Poses — February Gift 15-3 pose (Marketplace Link)

Oubliette also offers a geta/stocking combo at Anybody with a many-colour HUD that allows you to texture the stockings, ribbons, and geta separately!

Please stop and take a look at AnyBody today.

Yes, I know, I couldn’t resist!  🙂

Mahalo!  A hui hou!



Kerryth at Spyralle has a wonderful treat.  Réalta was originally offered for the Team Diabetes Winter Showcase, which has now passed by, but it’s now available for purchase in the Spyralle main store!

Réalta comes in the standard five rigged mesh sizes, plus fitmesh for the standard body and for Physique and Hourglass bodies only.  That said, I had no problem using the standard fitmesh on my Lara with the appropriate use of alpha zones.  I LOVE this gown!  Long mesh gowns are always a chore to dance in, but this one is still such a happiness!

Kerryth has five beautiful textures for Réalta.  I loved them so much I couldn’t pick just one to blog, but you’ll have to wait until next week to see the others!  Stop by Spyralle, and look back here next week to see the other textures!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!


As cold as ice… and warmer than fire

It’s time for  The Trunk Show, and Bee and Solace at Silvan Moon Designs bring you Winter Splendour!

Winter Splendour comes in your choice of eight fabulous colours, some subtle (such as Ice, shown) and some bright and strong.  These are beautiful, and well suited for the Winter Dance!

I have a favourite set of earrings and necklace from EarthStones, the beautiful Twinkling Lights set, but it wouldn’t do for this.  Fortunately, another trip to EarthStones found the beautiful classy Snow Flurry set.  They’ve a beautiful little hud for silver and gold metal textures.

Once again, Bee and Solace at Silvan Moon Designs create a beautiful gown perfect for the season!   The Trunk Show is open now, so  stop by and pick up the demo today, and find your own winter spirit!


Bright in a glade

We <3 Role-Play is back and Solas and Bee at Silvan Moon Designs have created a lovely gown for the occasion.  Brightwood Mist is available in fitmesh for SLink and Maitreya bodies, and is a wonderful simple medieval-themed piece.  I was feeling rather springy today (I know, I’m jumping the calendar a little), but it would suit quite well in any environment!

nine beautiful shade plus a fatpack, 25% off for the event!

Brightwood Mist comes in nine beautiful shades, as well as a fatpack if you can’t make up your mind!

Bee and Solas have marked Brightwood Mist down 25% for the duration of  We <3 Role-Play.  Stop by and take a look, it’s a fun time of the year to shop!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!



Sweaters and snowfalls

You may have noticed, I love a sweater and tights and boots!  This beautiful little Christmas gifty from ! Maci ! is perfect with my Baby Monkey tights!

Okay, snow is no good for plumeria, so I found a lovely evergreen wreath with baby’s breath from Persefona.  It’s lovely and happy, and is just the right touch for my winter look!

! Maci ! has a host of happy gifties, some for the holidays and some just their normal lovely attire, stop by and take a look!  Is anyone else excited for the season?  I’m like a little girl when I see all the lights!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!