Eleanor’s Canon

The latest round of We Love Roleplay opens today, and Silvan Moon Designs has a gorgeous Victorian style gown for your pleasure, the Eleanor Canon Gown.

Eight different colours are available.  You’re sure to find the one that suits you best — or pick up the fatpack, every one is a treasure.  Eleanor Canon comes in fitmesh for Maitreya and both SLink bodies.

  • GLITTER — Advent Calendar gift pose

Check out the bustle detail in the back!  I promise, that’s definitely more in the caboose than I normally have.  🙂

Bee’s fine texturing work stands out on the blouse collar.  The lace is just amazing.

As a side note, you should know that The White Armoury is discontinuing their own clothing line to focus on Silvan Moon Designs‘ clothing line.  You can pick up older TWA outfits at one heck of a discount right now!

Stop by We Love Roleplay and take a look around!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!



Wickedly Enchanting

Is anything so full of Enchantment as the gowns created by Bee and Solas for Silvan Moon Designs?  The fabulous duo brings you Lady Gothel for the May 2017 Rapunzel-themed Enchantment event.

Lady Gothel comes in five colours named (more-or-less) after the deadly sins.  My favourite colours aren’t hard to spot.  I like strong colours, and greens and blues and purples most of all.

I’ve always been an opaque-gemstone kind of girl.  Opal and lapis lazuli may be my favourites.  I’ve had this lovely lapis set from Evelock for ages, but you would think that Evelock and Silvan Moon worked together to create a matched set.

For those of you who may not know, Mother Gothel, the namesake of this gown, was the “evil witch” who kept Rapunzel locked away in her tower from Tangled, the Disney adaptation of the faerie tale.  She’s an interesting character, but I  prefer the representation from Into the Woods, the faerie tale play from Steven Sondheim.  Something about the depth of the Witch, her fear of loss — her actions become understandable, perhaps even forgiveable.

But I digress.

Wicked or not, let Silvan Moon Designs cast their spell over you… stop by Enchantment before this fleeting dream slips away.

Mahalo!  A hui hou!


Wild orchids

Here’s a lovely little gown at a price that can’t be beat — Wild Orchid from Dressed by Lexi!  It comes in three lovely colours and is perfect for a summer evening dance!

Wild Orchid has a lovely jewelry set, but is lacking a necklace… which is a happy spot for an engraved heart pendant given to me from my lovely Blue.  <3

Wild Orchid is in my favourite style of gowns: it makes good use of flexi prims, which are the best to dance in.  One of these days a smart gown maker will start creating mesh tops with flexi-prim gowns, and save the Omega applier layers for the (hidden) glitch layers.  But until then, I’ll gladly take an applier top so that I can get a gown that dances well and has that light gauzy feel!

Dressed by Lexi has some lovely wonderful dancing gowns for some incredibly good prices.  Visit today, and go out and dance!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!


Sensuous lace

Light as a sunbeam, soft as a feather, a caress of lace and angel’s wings… Carrie’s Lingerie brings you Sensuous Silks, a beautiful little set of applier lingerie and silks that’s simply angelic.

I added my new favourite feathered wings from Bare Rose.  B-Wings are bento-enabled, and have the most amazing bird-wing like fluttering!  They’re full mesh, so they have proper three-dimensional structure: they’re not flat flexi-prims.  They’re GORGEOUS, and they come with a small flapping AO hud.

Oh, and one other lovely — I just discovered that my favourite hair stylist, Calico, re-released many of their recent (past year or so) hair styles with an improved colour HUD that features their older shades!  I get my light ginger again!  Yay!

Sensuous Silks is available in six lovely pastel shades, and comes with an additional modesty version.  No, I didn’t show that, what, me modest?

Mahalo my friends!  A hui hou!



A ranger for a silvan moon

A silvan moon?  Is that like a Forest moon?  or a little nod to the passing of Gene Cernan?   Certainly the Ranger probes didn’t land among the trees.

No, it’s a desperate attempt to come up with a clever title to share Silvan Moon Designs‘s beautiful Ranger of Islavare.

Daisy Wreath from Caverna Obscura is an old favourite, but the Family Tree of Life pendant is a lovely new item from Earthstones.  It features a choice of metal options, plus three gems that are independently selectable from the “standard” set of birthstone colours.

Ranger of Islavare is featured in five different colours — four of which are shown here.  Shadow (shown at the top) is a lovely black theme, and below you can see Hunter (sagey green), Brooke (dark blue), and Rune (aqua).  There’s also Secret, a beautiful dark red (not shown).

Ranger features the dress, leggings, cloak and matching boots (not shown here).  Dress and leggings are available in the five standard rigged sizes plus standard, Slink Physique and Maitreya fitmeshes.  There are also standard layer and Slink, Belleza, and Maitreya appliers for the leggings to help you work better with legging/boot conflicts.

Silvan Moon Designs keeps coming out with amazing work.  Stop by and give them some love!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!



Newness for your inner geek!  Let your nerdiness take over the ‘verse!  Jadziyah at Eclectic Stars has some sweet mesh leggings for you!  They’re maybe not the warmest for the winter, those are triangular cutouts!  They’re fun and just a little cheeky.

Who wouldn’t want to be warm and snuggly in a hoodie like this?  8-bit graphics and a zipper down just so. Perfect for a tease of a t-shirt underneath… or just a little skin.  Or even better, a pendant that that Daleks would surely love to get their hands on — a lovely little treat from the Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop, complete with matching earrings.

The leggings are available in a host of fun patterns — stop by Eclectic Stars and check them all out!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!


Black diamonds

Have you been to 2nd Level yet?   No?  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? There are SOOO many pretties!  Take a look at Dora from GLITTER, a lovely top-and-leggings combo.   Mind you, I love dresses and skirts, but some places are just too chilly for that in the winter — so bring on the leggings and tights!

Dora’s top and leggings are separate pieces, each rigged mesh component in the five standard sizes.  You can mix and match to get your look!

  • ProPose —  Group Gift September F2 pose

Head on over to 2nd Level and see what there is to see!  And stop by  GLITTER‘s main store, the advent calendar is lovely.

Mahalo, all!  A hui hou!