Studio Lighting

As you can imagine, Aeon and I spend quite a bit of time either out looking for locations to shoot photographs, or in our little photo studio.  We love using the advanced lighting features, in particular projector lights to get shadows where we want them, and to eliminate shadows where we don’t want them 🙂

We have just been using simple prim cylinders as our lighting, but it sure doesn’t look very professional, especially if we invite someone over to photograph them.  So with that in mind, I’ve just created this studio light.

BF Studio Light with barndoors_001

2 LI, scripted on/off with projector color and settings persistence.  As soon as I do a HUD for it, it will be available on the marketplace.

BF Studio Light with barndoors_002

This looks much more professional!

BF Studio Light with barndoors_003