Romantic look

We do a weekly event at Eden called Heart and Soul, usually with our fantastic manager and DJ Nandi.  They are little mini-themed events with a small contest and this one was “Best in Romantic Look”.  So I thought I’d showcase one of the hair styles that I picked up at Hair Fair 2016.  I’ve photographed this in my gallery of hair styles from the event, but in that I did all the hair styles in one pose, and when I got to this one, I realized it didn’t really do it justice.  So, here’s a better photo 🙂

white strapless_003

The dress is in standard rigged mesh sizes, and I’ve had it so long when I got this outfit together for the event, I wasn’t even wearing Slink hands or feet, eeks.  It was a gift for a hunt or an event, so it may or may not be available in store.

white strapless_002