Happy Aloha Friday!

Did you know that Casual Friday has its origin in Aloha Friday?  A perfect end to the Aloha Fair!  GAALL has some lovely shorts as a gift, with a colour-change hud for the belt, and a sexy happy tank top from LustCo!

I wish you all a wonderful Friday!  Take a few minutes and hop over to The Aloha Fair! You won’t regret it!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!


Velvet Butterfly

This outfit was put together for a themed party at Eden recently.  I really had nothing to wear so I went looking on the marketplace and I found this!  It makes lovely use of materials for glitter, which I hope you can see in the photos!

The minidress and top are all one piece and come in standard mesh sizes and fitmesh for Lara, Hourglass, and Physique.  Included are appliers (Omega and Maitreya) for the leg wraps and tattoos.  The leg wraps also come on a system layer, but the tattoos are only in the appliers, which is a shame if you only have a system body.

The package also included some prim butterfly wings, but I wasn’t very happy with them, so I used these bird of paradise wings I had stashed away.  They are really pretty and fluttery.

I also found some arm bracelets that matched well, and going along with the blue theme, a great hairstyle from Wasabi Pills that I picked up at Hair Fair 2015.

And I did really well in the contest too!  Yay!


The Aloha Fair 2017

Aloha from the Aloha Fair! Let me share with you just a few pretties that you might like to stop by and pick up.  There are many gifts, plus some of the most amazing summer-ready styles by some of SL’s finest creators!

The Aloha Skirt from Virtue is a beautiful mesh skirt in all your favourite mesh sizes — the standard five rigged mesh sizes, three Belleza, two SLink, Maitreya, eBody, Tonic, and TMP!

  • <chair sit>

Summer may be going fast, but there’s still so much to enjoy!  But the Aloha Fair will be over by Saturday — so there’s no time to waste!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!



For under L$5…

There are some really nice things on the marketplace for very little expense.  Today, I’m showing you a set of lingerie, a hairstyle, dress, and shoes, all bought for less that L$5 total!

This applier lingerie is available on the marketplace for L$1.  It has Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, and Omega appliers, as well as system layers.

My hairstyle is also available for a single Linden Dollar, and incredibly comes with a 30 color HUD!

The nice thing about applier lingerie is it provides a good modesty layer for… short dresses 🙂  This little mesh dress is available on the marketplace for L$1 as well, and comes with sizes for Isis, Freya, Venus, Physique, Hourglass, TMP, and Lara.  It also comes with a three color HUD for black, white, or red versions.

Admittedly, I’m wearing my Lara body and SLink hands and feet in these photos, but with just a little searching on the marketplace, you can look good with just the system body.  For example, you can find Bento hands for L$0 if you care to take the time to match your skin!

And lastly, here’s a closeup of my heels, available for SLink, Belleza, and Maitreya High feet.  Cost?  L$1.

All up, these two outfits and a 30 color hairstyle cost me L$4.  That’s pretty amazing for what equates to about USD 1.5 cents!  What clothes can you find out there?!

  • Lingerie: Bronwyn by Chez Kitten (marketplace link)
  • Dress: Gift by Avale (marketplace link)
  • Body: Lara by Maitreya
  • Hands and feet: Slink Dynamic Hands, Flat and High Feet
  • Heels: Verena by Ricielli (marketplace link)
  • Hair: Rima by Fabia (marketplace link)



a field of lavender

Here’s a lovely little dress that I picked up from the Tres Chic event a few months back.   {les baies} is a fairly new creator, but has some very nicely textured products.  I’m looking forward to seeing what Summse Sands creates next!

{les baies} is currently in-between in-world shops, but has a marketplace presence, so take a little look and see.

Mahalo!  A hui hou!


New store location

I’ve moved the store due to some exceedingly poor treatment from my previous estate managers at Azure Islands.   I’d been a tenant there for 24 weeks and never been late with a payment.  Having turned up to pay my rent with half a day to run on my meter, I was surprised to find that the meter was paid up for a month!  After checking with Aeon to make sure she hadn’t topped it up, I assumed I had an angel looking after me.

About four hours later, my entire store was returned to me with no warning!  Even though if someone hadn’t topped up the meter, it would have still had about eight hours to run (I know, I looked at the L$ transaction history to make sure).

I immediately TPed to discover Candy and Billing Azure there, and not only had they returned my store, but also a huge art gallery next to me!  When I asked what was going on, after waiting nearly 30 minutes for them to respond to my repeated queries, I was told that “(resident name) had paid my meter with fraud [sic] lindens and we had to reclaim the land”.  I didn’t know there was such a thing as “fraud lindens”.  I can only assume that the named resident had participated in some form of phishing and dumped their profits on my meter and the art gallery’s next door.

Okay, so I can understand that they needed to reset the meter to wipe the credit, but couldn’t they have done it in a way that would have made everyone happy?  For example, transferred the payment to the meter on an available parcel and cleared that?  Failing that, why not be considerate and IM me, and tell me what’s going on?  I was obviously online, there was an online indicator in the store!  Then I could have come and picked up the store, they clear the meter, sell the land back to me for L$0, and I put the store back, and I remain a happy tenant.  But no, just boom, return with no warning.  Result, one extremely upset tenant.

After receiving basically only the information I’ve laid out above after repeatedly asking for further clarification and being ignored, I TPed back home very upset, sans land.  Of course, I could have repurchased the parcel, but after treatment like that, I really didn’t want to deal with them any more, and I sure didn’t want to give them any more L$.  So I moved.

After nearly two days of searching for a new place, I settled on a store right at the landing point of MyntBox, a supervised adult sandbox.  This place is pretty cool, and I knew about it from some early builds I did there.  Why don’t you come and visit, browse the store, and maybe stay awhile and build something of your own in the sandbox!


Lace top

Oh!  Blue, my namesake at Blueberry is spoiling us!  She just released this amazing top for FREE!

The top comes in two versions, short and long, and in sizes for all three Belleza bodies, both Slinks, and Maitreya Lara.


And it comes with a massive HUD with 27 color choices in both lace and plain for the main fabric.  It allows you to texture the lace trim, main fabric, and ties separately, and it allows you to switch the lace trim on and off!

Wow, just wow.  Blueberry’s October group gift top is one of my favourites, and I’m sure this will quickly become a favourite too!


A flair for the batik

I’m a sucker for beautiful batiks, and I found this lovely one from Applique Chic  as I was going through my inventory this week.  The Island Tropic dress is from the Beached Bunny Hunt 7, which is sadly now over.  Hopefully Applique Chic will return it to the shop!

Island Tropic is HUD-driven with six lovely textures, and comes in the standard five rigged mesh sizes, plus fitmesh for all three Belleza bodies, both SLink, both Tonic, Maitreya, TMP, Ocacin, and Ebody.  Wow!

Happy Aloha Friday, all my lovely friends!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!





One of my recommended stores for women beginning their Second Life is Snowpaws.  Their group is L$150 to join, but without even doing that, there is a wall, yes, an entire wall, covered with pretty good quality outfits, all for L$0 (there are really 50 outfits, but who’s counting?)   Most of these outfits are system, but they are far superior to anything you’ll find in a freebie mall.

In addition to the freebie wall, there are six Midnight Mania boards, eight Mini Mania boards, six Lucky Letter boards, and seven Lucky Chairs, and all require no group.

If you do chose to join their group, at the time of writing there are 35 group gifts, yours for the taking.

This gown is from memory and old group gift which is no longer available, and it’s in standard mesh sizes.  To demonstrate you don’t need a mesh bod to look good, here I’m wearing it on my system bod!  OK, I am wearing Slink hands and top quality hair and jewelry, but you can find free hands, hair, and jewelry too, if you have the motivation and are selective about what quality you’ll accept.

Snowpaws also offers free gifts for SLF&O and FabFree group members most of the time, and free offers are periodically available for a number of other free-to-join groups.  This store is a must-see for ladies just starting SL!


The Courtesan

dark, soft, alluring,
spinner of dreams I want to be lost in,
is a kindhearted courtesan,
who never demanded anything
for all her loving, that to me
was like a swim in the pool
of “Ananda” I was searching for.

I climbed her door steps
with the silent footfalls of a cat,
all these years for solace,
when the fair lass ,
regaled by my songs evening after evening,
scoffed and taunted,
when I fell wounded
in duels of life, I was forced to fight
to keep my honor intact.

seeing me left in the lurch,
blood soaked and badly wounded
she led my tired legs
to her house of magic and secret treasure hunts,
blessed me with oblivion, till I woke up.
Her mansion became
arena of silent dances of wounded memories,
till sun appeared above misty mountains
cheering me up with new promises,
but my thoughts never left her.
I spent my darkest hours
in her house,
thrilled by dreams she induced,
in which under moonbeams
princesses gathered,
bubbling fine wine brimmed
in sparkling glasses,
I felt the most loved man
within her tender arms.
I would wait for the night, my sullied lover,
to arrive with her hands of breeze,
to tousle my hair and caress my face.
Night  took away my pains,
her lasciviousness is the only drink,
that makes me ask for more.
She is not only mine,
as a courtesan, she needs to entertain
whoever seeks her,
But when I am with her,
she is all mine.

(Night is a Kind Hearted Courtesan, by K. Balachandran)

Solas and Bee at Silvan Moon Designs have a beautiful new gown for you at The Secret Affair.  The Courtesan is a two-piece mesh gown (gown and overskirt) available in four different lovely colour combinations for SLink and Maitreya bodies.

The Secret Affair has some wonderful treasures.  Stop by and take a look around before this secret disappears!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!