The Shop Your Heart Out event is on at the moment, and being close to Valentine’s Day, the event is celebrating that theme.   There are lots of FREE gifties to be found, so if you can get into the sim, you can pick up some really nice things!

I’m showing off three gifts from the event today.  Firstly, the ruched dress from Erratic.  Erratic is one of the more expensive designers in SL.  I love some of their clothing, but it’s priced so steeply, I can’t justify buying too much (for example, at the event is a really nice set of lingerie, with each piece sold separately.  To buy the entire set, you’re looking at over L$1000.  And that’s discounted!  Yipes.)  So when the chance comes to get a gift from them, I grab it 🙂

The dress is only for Maitreya Lara.  And of course, being this pink, I had to forgo my normal redheadedness.  Fortunately, a gift from the event came to the rescue!  This hairstyle is from Magika, and is only in this color, but it’s perfect for this outfit!

And finally I added a choker from Rebel Hope.  It has fitmesh sized for Lara, Belleza, and Physique, as well as an eight color HUD, four for the choker, and four for the metal.  It’s not often I can make up an outfit from three designers at a single event, but I did it today!


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