Moments – and a lifetime – in Love

Sometimes you just need to take a moment.

So pardon me if I get sappy for just a second. 🙂

When Blue and I married, we kept it a private personal event – we cuddled on a lovely ocean overlook, making our promises to each other.


Two days later, when we announced, friends asked if we would be having a party. A dear friend who owned the sim offered again and again to host the wedding. But our promises were ours, and at that moment, we did not want, could not think of a party.

Here we are, a year later, and more in love than ever. Every day is our own little celebration, our own little renewal of promises.

But today? Today we take a moment. Not just us, but a moment to share our joy and happiness with our friends. Mahalo nui loa, all of you – for being a part of our lives.  You mean more to us than I can ever say in words.

To my partner and bride, my wife – no keia la, no keia po, a mau loa… my love to you, forevermore.