I’m not sure I like posting outfits before an event, I try and keep them fairly secret, but these days I’m usually doing police work on the sim watching that out-of-theme people are not trying to jump on the contest board, I tend to stay out of the contest myself, so not to worry.

Here’s my outfit for Eden‘s upcoming scary Halloween party…

As you can probably guess, this is a full mesh avatar, and it includes the clothes and hair, so in effect it’s a one party outfit (although I’ll keep it and reuse in a couple of years time hehe).

The avi comes with a full body alpha and a shape, and you just wear those with the avi.  It’s quite well rigged and follows my AO and dances perfectly.

The out-of-the box avi just has blank eyesockets, which is truly creepy.  But I decided I’d add some mesh demon eyes to make it a little more human, if still quite (un)dead!