Knitted and wrapped

It seems the perfect weather in RL for this lovely wrap dress from Fi’s Creations – a lovely warm soft knit, short and sexy, and perfect for those cooler days.


WRAP ME is all mesh in the standard 5 sizes, and fits my Physique frame nicely!


I love the texture here.  Can’t you feel the warmth, the softness just looking at it?


Fi makes it easy to not just customise the dress and boots to your own tastes, but to the occasion.  The dress comes in two different palettes, with three dress colours and eight ribbon/bow colours in each.  The boots are available in white, black, and brown (shown) versions, with a full set of trim colours included in each.


I had a great deal of fun mixing and matching different colour combinations… but the green and blue definitely suit me best!Fi-sweaterdress_004

I don’t usually think of myself as a spray-and-pray photographer, although digital photography in RL has made that a very easy way to get good shots (as long as you don’t mind looking through a hundred bad ones to find that one good one).  I do tend to take more than a few shots trying to get the one.  It’s definitely fun to line up the shots, and get them just so.



Please stop and take a look at Fi’s Creations, and take a look at their VIP club while you’re there!

Mahalo, and aloha!