Elf Warrior

After doing the post from yesterday about role play outfits, I was going through one of my unopened folders (yes, I have mote that one for various things!)  This folder is called “Nope!” as I throw things in there that I’m not happy with on initial viewing (for example, stuff that’s system layer only).  Every now and then I go through it more carefully and throw things out that I realize I was right about on the first look.  And every now and then, I come across a nugget I missed!

This outfit was an Advent gift from The White Armory.


Probably the reason I threw it in an unopened folder was the fact that the pants for it are system only, meaning I can’t wear it on Lara.  So, after discovering how good the rest looked, I went hunting for some applier tights I knew I had, and this is the result.  Add a sword, et voilà!

The best thing about this outfit it the flexi cloak.  The photos don’t really do it justice.  It looks fantastic and moves perfectly.


  • Outfit: The Sixth Age Elven Warrior Set by The White Armory
  • Tights: Fall/Winter 2015 by Baby Monkey
  • Body: Lara by Maitreya
  • Hands: Slink  Casual
  • Hair: NIA by fiore (closed?)
  • Ears: Leevi Long Ears by Lumae
  • Weapon: War Sword Magic by SG Design (marketplace link, item unavailable)