Get me to the beach!

I am so ready for the Sun.  It will burn me to a crisp if I’m not careful, but I need the Sun and the warmth, I need the waves at my ankles, I need the smell of flowers in the air.

And Nickki Romano at Island Style Designs knows it, and is ready for us.  Nickki’s been gone a while but has brought ISD back in fine fashion with new fitmesh clothing in her distinctly beautiful island patterns! I get to show you the lovely Lokilani today, available in a twenty different textures!  

Nickki has thankfully included fitmesh for all of the major bodies — all three Belleza bodies, both SLink, and Maitreya, as well as TMP, plus about three rigged mesh sizes.

I’ve also been shopping for hair lately — who doesn’t love a new style?  It’s rough for those of us with curly hair, though — I still haven’t found good mesh-only curly hair.  But I did find some lovely new styles from *ARGRACE* that suit me just fine!  I love Karin, it has these optional whisps that you can either wear forward over your shoulders or back behind your back.  They’re a lovely little touch!

Stop on by Island Style Designs and see what new things Nickki has been creating for us.  There’s more coming that I am very excited to show you, so stay tuned.

Happy aloha Friday, everyone!  Mahalo!  A hui hou!


A tale as old as time

Solas and Bee at Silvan Moon Designs have created a new magical gown for the latest round of Enchantment.  The theme this round is the story of Beauty and the Beast, and Solas and Bee have created Belle’s Enchanted Ball Gown just for the occasion!

Belle’s Enchanted Ball Gown comes in six lovely colours and fitmesh for both SLink bodies and Maitreya Lara.  Still no fitmesh for Belleza bodies; hopefully Solas will start supporting those soon!

Kerryth at Spyralle really creates some finely-detailed jewelry, and the Like Gentle Tears tiara just magically seems to suit this gown.  Rain features a five-colour HUD that allows you to tint the hanging crystals in five shimmery light shades. 

The Enchantment sim is really something rather amazing, the builders have put a lot of work into creating the scene, and many merchants (such as Solas and Bee) have created lovely pieces just for this event.  Stop by and take a look!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!


Rising from the Ashes

Sure, Mardi Gras was yesterday, and many Christians observe Ash Wednesday today — but this phoenix arises from the ashes yet!  We had a lovely Mardi Gras event at Eden on Saturday last, and I found this lovely outfit from Champagne! that is at home in any Carnival or Mardi Gras celebration — or even just for your favourite Burlesque show!

The bodysuit is all mesh in standard sizes, but I had no problems wearing it with my Maitreya Lara mesh bod.  The wings are non-animated mesh, and come in two resizable varieties — one with particle flame effects (not shown), and one without.  The phoenix tail has flexi bits that allow the bottom to waft about a little bit.

  • Astlandia — Yey 1M pose

Earthstones adds the perfect jewelry touch with the Phoenix Rising necklace and earring set.  Mahalo, Mama Jaz!

Personally, I’ve had a few events lately that have left me sitting in the ashes, but I had to remind myself — or be reminded — that ashes tell you that there was heat and light…. and that heat and light never completely disappears.  However you make a splash, keep soaring!
Mahalo!  A hui hou!



Who says wonderful things have to be spendy?  [Appliers By Valarie] has a host of amazing bodysuit appliers that you have to see to believe.    I picked up a wonderful dollarbie, their Black 50% Catsuit.  It’s got a beautiful gloss (you’ll need to turn up the shine if you’re using the bodysuit on Maitreya Lara.  And oooooo is it transparent.

How transparent is 50% black?  VERY.  How shiny is it?  EVEN MORE.

So… what do you do if you want to wear a shiny bodysuit but social mores frown on being so transparent?  You layer it with something more opaque on a lower layer!

This has become my favourite catsuit, and all for a single linden!

Mahalo, my friends!  A hui hou!



Alaska Metro <3 featured this amazing bodysuit back in December for an event, and while I stopped and picked it up, I hadn’t had the chance to share it with you before now.  Kristal is an applier bodysuit that has beautiful reflective detail.  It’s just glorious as you dance under coloured lights!

A good bodysuit works on a Friday night out visiting the clubs….. but is even better when you can come home and lose the jeans…

Kristal comes with two versions, one featuring a modesty panel for those who would rather not be quite so… transparent.  This is definitely one of the best applier textures I’ve ever seen!

Happy Aloha Friday, my wonderful friends!    Mahalo!  A hui hou!


Macabre underpinnings

Everything needs a good underpinnings, a strong foundation… what’s holding you up?  Melora and Oubliette have some lovely Slick Leggings for you at  Suicide Dollz right now!

Oubliette‘s beautiful fitmesh leggings have some amazing texture to them — these aren’t appliers, you can see the little wrinkles and ridges to them!  They’ve also got a nice glossy sheen that comes out very nicely in the photos.  Slick Leggings come in your choice of 10 wonderfully dark textures, as well as a fatpack featuring a bonus texture.

JHC‘s Faunwest boots are cute little ankle boots, but they’re a bit disappointing.  I know, it’s dark enough that you can hardly see them here, and that’s not entirely an accident.  The ad claims that they work with a variety of mesh bodies, but they are NOT fitmesh rigged, they appear to simply be several different copies that have been size-adjusted to be ‘close’ to right.  That’s not bad, but it took a bit more adjustment to get it just right for my own body size/shape.

These are some really lovely leggings, and in enough different textures that you’re sure to find one or two or ten that are just perfect for your sense of the darke.  Stop by Suicide Dollz and take a look!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!


A little crafty…..

Melora at Oubliette has a beautiful little combo of separates inspired by The Craft for the latest round of Suicide Dollz!

  • Oubliette — Essential Lace Bralette, (22 colour HUD) (Maitreya/Physique/Hourglass/Venus/Isis/Freya)
  • Oubliette — Penty Cardigan Sweater (6 colours, sold separately plus fatpack) (TMP/Maitreya/Physique/Hourglass)
  • OublietteDia Skirt (12 colours, sold separately plus fatpack) (Maitreya/Physique/Hourglass/Venus/Isis/Freya)
  • The Season of the WitchPentacle Necklace
  • The Sugar Garden — Frilly Lace Socks
  • — Jane Heels (black)
  • an lar [poses]Tara Mini Series – Two pose

The fatpack HUDs for the Penty Cardiagn and the Dia skirt come with two bonus colours not available separately!

  • Artis — Caged 1a pose

Like all magic spells, this one is fleeting: the current round of Suicide Dollz is over at the end of this week.  Wiggle your nose and magic yourself over today.

Mahalo!  A hui hou!


A moment of reflection

Something old for the new… something new for the old.  I haven’t posted a lot over the last two weeks, travel for the holidays, getting ready for the new term and some business-related travel.  It’s a crazy time… but it’s also an important one.   The opening of the year is always a bit of a good time for some reflection.

  • Petite Mort — Elona Sweater Dress with lace skirt
  • Mesh AgencyFaith Boots with top socks
  • !!smesh — Star choker and ankle bracelets
  • DRDMetal Heart Vintage Lounge pose

Elona from Petite Mort is not a new release, but it is new to me, thanks to a wonderful Christmas gift from my lovely Blue, complemented by some beautiful new boots from my sweet mamma Jaz!  Elona features a beautiful cable-knit sweater available in 10 lovely earthy colours and an attached white lacey skirt.  It comes fit for Maitreya Lara, Belleza Venus, Freya, and Isis, and SLink Physique and Hourglass!

My boots are Faith from Mesh Agency, and they are fantastic.  They come in sizes for Belleza Freya, Isis, and Venus, Maitreya Lara, and SLink Physique and Hourglass, as well as a resizable unrigged version.  What’s best is a beautiful colour HUD, with fifty choices of boot colour, fifteen sock colours, and four different metal detail choices!

You know, reading a lot of fashion blogs, I’m well aware that there’s a lot of unhappiness at a dearth of fitmesh sizes for Belleza bodies.  I’m so happy to share two wonderful products that have not forgotten Belleza!

My wonderful friends… thank you for being with me through 2017.  I wish us all a wonderful 2018… may it be a year of happy change, a year of growth, a year of peace and wonder.  As a wise man once said, “may it be a damn sight better than the last one”.  Keep dancing, keep laughing, keep loving.

Mahalo!  A hui hou!



Hyperborean Chieftan

I make it a point not to re-blog old items, but sometimes you have to.  I first blogged the Snowmoon Silk Road tunic and pants from Spyralle almost two years ago — just a few weeks shy of two years.  Do you want a good laugh?  Go back and take a look at that post!

There’s a good reason to come back to the Silk Road tunic — Kerryth has created Eagle of the Snows, a new headdressb designed to complement Snowmoon, and it’s available only at Genre!

Eagle of the Snows has a number of wonderful options!  There is a removable mask-like portion (shown attached above, and removed, below).  There is also a texture HUD that allows three different pattern choices for the front and side gems.

The War Lance from Dragonsfyre was just what I needed to complete the ensemble.  It’s very nicely done, my only problem was that while resizeable, the minimum size was too big for a “normal” sized avatar (that is, my height of just under 2 m tall).  No problems, I was able to edit -> edit linked and resize the staff and adjust the feathers just right!

Okay, now for the bad news.  This is the last time for GenreSpyralle has been a part of Genre for a very long time, and Eagle of the Snows is a bit of a good-bye to this wonderful event.

Do stop by, let’s give Genre a good send-off!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!


As cold as ice… and warmer than fire

It’s time for  The Trunk Show, and Bee and Solace at Silvan Moon Designs bring you Winter Splendour!

Winter Splendour comes in your choice of eight fabulous colours, some subtle (such as Ice, shown) and some bright and strong.  These are beautiful, and well suited for the Winter Dance!

I have a favourite set of earrings and necklace from EarthStones, the beautiful Twinkling Lights set, but it wouldn’t do for this.  Fortunately, another trip to EarthStones found the beautiful classy Snow Flurry set.  They’ve a beautiful little hud for silver and gold metal textures.

Once again, Bee and Solace at Silvan Moon Designs create a beautiful gown perfect for the season!   The Trunk Show is open now, so  stop by and pick up the demo today, and find your own winter spirit!