Sweaters and snowfalls

You may have noticed, I love a sweater and tights and boots!  This beautiful little Christmas gifty from ! Maci ! is perfect with my Baby Monkey tights!

Okay, snow is no good for plumeria, so I found a lovely evergreen wreath with baby’s breath from Persefona.  It’s lovely and happy, and is just the right touch for my winter look!

! Maci ! has a host of happy gifties, some for the holidays and some just their normal lovely attire, stop by and take a look!  Is anyone else excited for the season?  I’m like a little girl when I see all the lights!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!



A touch of darke

I’ve been blogging about Petite Mort for a while now, but I don’t know how many of you know about Melora’s more recent venture, Oubliette!  Oubliette has a different flavour than Petite Mort, a bit of goth, a bit of darkness — or as one of my favourite book series says, “darkeness”.  That darkeness fires Lucretia, an exclusive art-deco inspired gown for the Midsummer Enchantment event!

Lucretia comes in fitmesh sizes for Maitreya, TMP, both SLink and all three Belleza bodies, and there’s a lovely palette of six colours for you to choose from.

  • {Way} — Katherine 03 pose

I really love the beautiful way that Melora has worked the angular lines of the dress into the more flowery curves at the top and at the hem.   That’s always seemed the beautiful paradox of art deco to me, drawing from art nouveau, merging the linear and the curved.

Stop by Midsummer Enchantment, visit Oubliette, and revel in the darke.

Mahalo!  A hui hou!


BF Globe on Stand

Announcing a wonderful new addition for your study or observatory, the BF Globe on Stand!  This two LI globe displays all the major planets with proper axial tilt and spin, and includes multiple views of Earth, and major moons and other objects from the Solar System!

The globe can be spun or stationary, and you can select a solar system object with a touch.

The BF Globe on Stand is now available on the market place or visit our in-world store to take a close up look!




In world store and sale!

Hello gentle reader!  I have some exciting news for you today, we have reopened our in-world store!  You’ll find a lot of Blue’s Fantasy products available for viewing and interaction in the new store.  Stop by and try out our wonderful Newtonian Telescope or our best selling Word Scrambles game.

For the first week, all of our products will be marked 10% off, but only at the store!  Stop by and have a look!

Location: Blue’s Fantasy Main Store – Jonesford Heights


Wind Sculpture

Here I am, struggling to find outfits for blog posts, and I realize I haven’t promoted our wind sculpture!


This is based on a real life sculpture that rotates in the wind.  Our version doesn’t rely on SL wind, but you can set the speed that the vanes rotate to slow, medium, or fast to suit.  As the vanes rotate they create a wonderfully hypnotic pattern, and with the addition of a light that can be switched on or off, it makes for a stunning visual object, particularly at night.

The land impact is 13, but you can derez the vanes when not in use, reducing the LI to 1.

Full instructions are included, but really, all you need to do is rez it where you want it.  The sculpture takes care of rezzing and positioning the vanes for you.

Wind sculpt

The sculpture is available for purchase at our marketplace store, or you can visit our in-world store to see it in action!


Studio Lighting

As you can imagine, Aeon and I spend quite a bit of time either out looking for locations to shoot photographs, or in our little photo studio.  We love using the advanced lighting features, in particular projector lights to get shadows where we want them, and to eliminate shadows where we don’t want them 🙂

We have just been using simple prim cylinders as our lighting, but it sure doesn’t look very professional, especially if we invite someone over to photograph them.  So with that in mind, I’ve just created this studio light.

BF Studio Light with barndoors_001

2 LI, scripted on/off with projector color and settings persistence.  As soon as I do a HUD for it, it will be available on the marketplace.

BF Studio Light with barndoors_002

This looks much more professional!

BF Studio Light with barndoors_003


BF Angel Wing Tattoo

bf angel wing tattoo

Second Life gives you the opportunity to do things you really wouldn’t do in Real Life.  I’d never get this tattoo in RL, but ohh it looks nice in SL!  This is one of the first things I made in SL, and I’m still happy with it and wear it a lot with goth outfits and so forth.  The tattoo is supplied on upper system clothing layers and comes with an Omega applier for most mesh bodies.

They are available at the marketplace for a guaranteed low low price.  What will they mean to you? Beauty, grace, flight, freedom? Perhaps to remind you that you have someone watching over you? Or you are someone’s angel?


Spiked gold chocolate

This daring little dress is available at our store and comes in the five standard mesh sizes.  As it’s very short, alphas can be a little problematic with it, but it usually works out fairly well.  Here I am wearing it on Lara, and the Maitreya HUD does the trick for the alphas perfectly 🙂

Please check out the demo to ensure a nice fit for you, and of course, as with all mesh clothing, you may need to adjust your shape to fit.

I hope you love it!

lotd spiked gold chocolate_001



Aeon’s Cascade Fountain


Aeon is fond of water features 🙂  As only her second foray into the land of Blender, she made this lovely little cascade fountain.  This photo was taken in our orangerie before fall hit, so if you would like to see the fountain in world, drop one of us a notecard and we would be only to happy to show it to you!

The fountain is carefully lit and animated, and will be a highlight and a lovely addition to any home or garden.  Relax to the sound of falling water, and enjoy the peaceful ambience the fountain imparts, particularly at night.

You can control the particle water at the inlet by touching the fountain.

The fountain is available in our market place store.