Autumn Spirit

Here we are, nearing the end of November and the leaves here are well off of the trees… and the landscape turns grey and brown from autumn fire that we saw a few weeks ago.

I visited a lovely little autumn sim and was inspired, and thought I’d share both it and a lovely little faerie outfit from  **Angelwing**.

Blue just wrote about Kat’s Retreat, a beautiful little autumn-inspired sim.  There’s a lovely gazebo and a beautiful little pond, just the perfect place to sit back and enjoy the quiet life for a few minutes, a perfect reprieve from the chaos of everyday life.  Please stop by for a visit!


The dress top and leg ribbons are system layers (perhaps Angelwing can be convinced to re-issue with Omega layers?), with mesh ivy accoutrements at the waist and crown.  Angelwing’s outfit comes with wings, but I’ve replaced the included wings Eth wings from Avro.  Avro sadly no longer maintains an in-world store, but their products are still available on Marketplace.   Avro’s wings are lightly scripted, and include simple flapping, but have a wonderful selection of colours available by HUD.


I’ve added a few other accoutrements to the Angelwing outfit – a leafy mask from Spyralle (also with a colour change HUD), and leaves for my hair from Persefona.  The hair is a lovely style from Calico, one of my favourite hairdressers, that I think really favours the overall look.  I really find that it’s the little added details that really make an outfit, particularly one like this, come alive!


  • Hair: Calico  Eleanor 2 light ginger
  • Skin : Glam Affair Cleo Europa
  • Hands : Slink Hands Casual
  • Feet: Slink Feet Flat

Kat’s Retreat

I’ve mentioned previously that I love searching out locations for photos.  Today, I’m showing you Kat’s Retreat, a private house that is nonetheless open to everyone.  I can even rez my pose stand here!

Kat seems to be a kindred spirit, following the seasons on her land, and has it totally decked out for Autumn!  Fantastic!

lotd stormcrow design_001

My outfit is by StormCrow Design.  The knit top is mesh in the standard sizes, the leggings are system with appliers for Lena, Maitreya, Omega, Slink, and WowMeh.  And the boots are unrigged mesh with a resizer script, suitable for anyone.

  • Outfit: Dress with Belt – Black knit, leggings, boots by StormCrow Design
  • Hair: Stone Cold Seduction by Exile

Japanese tatami room

I love finding new things in SL!  I especially love it when they are so well done you’d like to actually go and visit the place for real (if it existed!)

Annie, a friend of mine, posted a fantastic picture of a Japanese tatami house on Flickr the other day, and I instantly added it to the places I had to go and visit.  And oh my was it worth it.  The place is visually fantastic!

I put on a little kimono I had in my wardrobe and snapped a couple of pics!

lotd - onsen_001

lotd - onsen_007

lotd - onsen_004