Urban beauty

I love exploring in SL.  Although Aeon is far better at me at getting out to take photos, I do have a list of places that I’ve come across over the years which make for really good settings.  When I have the time, I do try to get out.  Honestly 🙂

Anduril has been on my list for a while although I don’t think I’ve taken any pics  there before.  It’s mostly urban with a little bit of a 50’s feel, perfect for sitting out on the stoop on a hot summer’s evening…

…but just around the corner you find beautiful little niches of greenery and parks.  It’s certainly worth a visit!

My jean miniskirt and sandals are gifts from Redeux.  The mini skirt comes with regular mesh sizes plus fitmesh for Lara, Hourglass, and Physique.  It has a HUD to change the color of the belt.  The sandals are in sizes for both Slink and Maitreya flats.

My top was a Mother’s Day gift from memory, and is in sizes for Lara, Hourglass, Physique, and Belleza.  It has a rather cool HUD with eight colors, but you can tint it with a color picker in the HUD!  Great idea!



In world store and sale!

Hello gentle reader!  I have some exciting news for you today, we have reopened our in-world store!  You’ll find a lot of Blue’s Fantasy products available for viewing and interaction in the new store.  Stop by and try out our wonderful Newtonian Telescope or our best selling Word Scrambles game.

For the first week, all of our products will be marked 10% off, but only at the store!  Stop by and have a look!

Location: Blue’s Fantasy Main Store – Jonesford Heights


Desert shoot

I’ve been meaning to do a fashion shoot in the desert for ages.  It’s sort of one of those iconic ideas with blowing gauzy gowns, swirling sand, and ripply shadows across the ground.  Well, a lot of that is difficult to capture in SL, but I’ve done my best, and I hope you like it 🙂


I’m wearing an old system semi gown by Kamiri for this.  I have to shout out to the sim too, as really it’s strictly a Gorean roleplay sim (with damage and the lot eeps).  One of the people was gracious enough not to boot me immediately for being OOC once I explained that I’d only be there for a couple of minutes to take pics.  So thank you to The New Oasis of Sand Sleen!  If Gorean RP is your thing, go and pay them a visit.  It’s a nicely done sim.



FAC February

This lovely little mesh top with a four texture change top is the February group gift from FA Creations.  FAC is FREE to join.  Run and get yours 🙂


I just want to comment on this sim too.  This is the Loch Ness Inn at the Highlands of Scotland.  It’s beautiful and well worth your time for a visit, be it for photography or dancing or just exploring!





A friend of mine posted a fantastic photo on Flickr the other day, and I immediately thought it would be a great location for a fashion photo (then again, I get excited about any good looking spot in SL, thinking “Oh what could I photograph there?”)

The location at a new sim called the Isle of Peace, turned out to be far smaller that Nat’s photo had suggested to me.  So I had to do a little judicious derendering.  And what’s up with sim owners making wonderfully photogenic places and then banning script usage?  Grr I had to fly to 100m and get into a pose and then land back in the place I wanted to take the photo!

After all my trials and tribulations (that I’m sure you didn’t want to hear about anyway lol) here are the results!


This mesh gown in standard sizing is from Arlene’s Fashions & Designs.  The texturing is materials enabled and glitters as you move.  It’s very eye-catching and you’ll certainly get comments wearing this!

Also including with the gown are white sandals for Slink High, but due to space constraints you aren’t going to see them in these pics 🙂




A touch of the orient

I love the serene beauty of the Orient, and Dressed by Lexi brings us a wonderful little special priced just right as a current promotion!  The satiny Narcissus comes in four colours and has just been updated with Omega appliers and repriced for a limited time!


I have to show off this lovely sim.  Japan Momiji is a beautiful little slice of Japan, and the perfect venue to show off this little neg!  I had a thrill of a time wandering around exploring!

After wandering around in my favourite sandals, I made sure to take off my shoes before entering buildings.


Narcissus includes standard layer negligeé and thong with Omega appliers available separately, with mesh pieces for ribbons/flowers at the hip, and skirt elements, as well as sticks for your hair.  They’re beautifully detailed!


To be quite honest, I’m sure that Narcissus is not entirely appropriate for wearing in the public, and I hope I did not violate cultural mores.  But it was just me and the sea there this morning, so if you don’t tell, hopefully no one will mind.


I’m so excited to see Lexi re-releasing standard layers as Omega appliers, and I can’t wait to see what she comes out with next!

I understand that in Japan, “sayonara” is actually not common, and that among friends it is more common to say “mata ne”.  So, mata ne!  Aloha!


Winter fur

Today I’d like to show you a lovely fur coat by Karla Boutique FREE for members of the SLF&O group.  The coat comes in rigged mesh in the standard five sizes.

Both Aeon and I have mentioned before that hats (or, in this case, a hood) are very challenging to get hair right for.  I resorted to a special hair I have for hats, and even this is problematic when I move, poking through the hood.  For this outfit, you may like to select one size up from what you would normally wear to see if that will help.

I’d also like to highlight the location here.  This is Let It Snow! by Milly Sharple.  It’s a fantastic winter wonderland full of pretty scenery, and the lighting is just mmmms.  Run and have a look before it disappears for another year!

lotd beige fur coat_002

lotd beige fur coat_001


Tantalising 20s

I know it’s just selective memory – or wishful thinking – that makes the roaring twenties seem like such a wild and carefree time, but who can resist the clarion call of the bandstand? The swish of fringe as flappers wound their way through smoke-filled rooms, dancing and flirting?

Dressed by Lexi helps bring those days to life with Tantalize, a beautiful flapper dress newly re-released with Omega appliers!  The dress comes with standard layer upper and lowers, and mesh fringe (which shimmers nicely when you walk or dance) in two sizes, for ‘average’ and ‘curvy’ figures.  To make matters better, Lexi has put Tantalize on special pricing until Thursday, 2016/01/13. The Omega appliers replace the standard layers,  are sold separately for a small (and reasonable) fee. Tantalise is available in six jewel-tone colours, each sold separately.



With or without stockings?  I thought the the lace-top backseam stockings by AviCandy would give it a more racy look – but when I look at the pics without, they almost look more scandalous!


I had a whirl of a time visiting the Chicago Fiume, a little slice of the Chicago 1920s. Stop on by, you never know where you might find a speakeasy down a blind path.  Knock twice, and tell them Aeon sent ya.


I stopped by Dressed by Lexi looking to pick up just the dress and applier, but found the accompanying jewelry set and couldn’t resist! The set contains the necklace, earrings, and two bracelets, and comes with a HUD that includes gems choices to match each of the dress colours.

Tantalize_010My hair here is “Evelyn” by Alli & Ali. This beautiful little cut features a ribbon and sequins (on both front and back) that are hud-driven for a variety of colours for each. You can also set the ribbon and sequins for ‘invisible’. I love to wear it with a pair of goggles up over my forehead for a steampunk outfit as well!



It’s time to make my escape before those dodgy fellows in the alley look my way!

Aloha, all!



I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before on the blog, but Aeon and I maintain a little public park open to everyone at ground level on our land.  We like the concept of keeping the park in line with the seasons, and we have done spring/summer, autumn and winter themes before, and now it’s time for our second winter!

This year, after seeing a very good maze on another sim a few months ago, I got the idea to make an ice maze where the roof of the maze could double as a skating rink!  Much more exciting and fun to have to find your way through before pulling on your skates than just a plain old frozen pond 🙂

Blue and Aeon's Ice Maze and Skating Rink

The maze is tricky as it’s what’s called an imperfect maze, meaning there are loops (she says with an evil grin).  There are two entrances and one exit, but the exit is one way and cannot be entered from outside.  Don’t worry, the one way door is completely invisible from the inside!

Come and have a go, see if you can solve it!  Bring a partner and find the kiss pose inside!  Or give up and have a skate (free skates are available) or have a dance.  Most of all, have fun!

Blue lost in the ice maze

Location: Aeon and Blue’s Retreat – Miriam