Get me to the beach!

I am so ready for the Sun.  It will burn me to a crisp if I’m not careful, but I need the Sun and the warmth, I need the waves at my ankles, I need the smell of flowers in the air.

And Nickki Romano at Island Style Designs knows it, and is ready for us.  Nickki’s been gone a while but has brought ISD back in fine fashion with new fitmesh clothing in her distinctly beautiful island patterns! I get to show you the lovely Lokilani today, available in a twenty different textures!  

Nickki has thankfully included fitmesh for all of the major bodies — all three Belleza bodies, both SLink, and Maitreya, as well as TMP, plus about three rigged mesh sizes.

I’ve also been shopping for hair lately — who doesn’t love a new style?  It’s rough for those of us with curly hair, though — I still haven’t found good mesh-only curly hair.  But I did find some lovely new styles from *ARGRACE* that suit me just fine!  I love Karin, it has these optional whisps that you can either wear forward over your shoulders or back behind your back.  They’re a lovely little touch!

Stop on by Island Style Designs and see what new things Nickki has been creating for us.  There’s more coming that I am very excited to show you, so stay tuned.

Happy aloha Friday, everyone!  Mahalo!  A hui hou!



The Romancify Your Body Hunt is on until the end of February.  It’s only a little hunt, but it’s worth it for this dress alone.

It comes in fitmesh for classic avatars, and body specific fitmesh for Lara, Freya, Isis, Venus, eBody, Ocacin, Physique, Hourglass, TMP, Curvy, and Fine

I really wanted to wear tights with it, but the semi transparent front panels make that impossible, so I settled for thigh high boots instead 🙂



Believe it or not, I’m still opening Advent gifts at the end of February!

This top and pants set was two gifts on two consecutive days at Entice.  The top comes in fitmesh sizes for basically everything, and the pants are sized for fitmesh Classic, plus Lara, Freya, Isis, Venus, and Physique.

This is one shade of red that I can wear without reaching for the hair dye; it’s dark enough so it highlights my hair instead of detracting from it 🙂


Snow play

A group gift of some snow pants, plus watching the Winter Olympics, has inspired me to go and learn to snowboard 😉

And if you believe that, I’m sure I have a bridge that you can purchase for a bargain basement price somewhere!  In reality, I knew I had the snowboard pants, which are fitmesh and come in sizes for Lara, Freya, Isis, Venus, Physique, and Hourglass, but I didn’t know if I had anything else to go with them.  I said to someone that I’d try and do a shoot with them, and that I may have a padded jacket somewhere, but that a pair of pants were not going to make a post by themselves.

So I went looking in my inventory.  To my surprise, I didn’t find the original padded jacket I thought I had (I may have deleted it, it was just standard sized mesh), but I did find this skully hooded jacket, which is perfect!  It’s also fitmesh with specific sizes for classic, Lara, Freya, Isis, Venus, eBody, Hourglass, Physique, TMP, Ocacin, Curvy, and Fine.  It also comes with a HUD that allows you to select the color/of the skulls, and a shirt under the jacket.  Which you can also make invisible, which is exactly what I did as I also wanted to wear another turtleneck top and bra you can see in the pics.

The bra/top comes in sizes for Lara, Venus, Isis, Freya, Physique, and Hourglass.  There are three pieces in the pack: a wear alone bra, and “wear under the turtleneck” bra, and the turtleneck top itself.

Because the bra/top is fitmesh, I wore the Lara size, and I wore the jacket in classic large fitmesh.  It all layered really well!



This little outfit is called a “dress” in the product name, but I can’t see it as anything other than a nightdress.

Despite the tiny thin straps, this is actually fitmesh, even though at first glance you might think it’s applier.  It comes in sizes for Lara, Freya, Isis, Venus, Hourglass, Physique, and TMP.  Also included in the pack is a 15 color HUD to choose what pastel shade to wear!

The outfit is high cut both back and front, and has semi-sheer side panels.  The little bow touches at the front are super cute.


Night Sky

Hello there gentle reader!  Today I’m showing you a group gift from back around Halloween last year.   I’ve just come across it while rummaging in my messy inventory 🙂

The gown is called “Night Sky”, so I thought I’d find a suitable place to show it off, and found this planetarium.  The gown has a one-size-fits-all fitmesh for classic avatars, and body specific fitmesh for Freya, Isis, Venus, Lara, Physique, and Hourglass.  It also includes the Bento enabled gloves for the same mesh body sizes.  And it includes the earrings and necklace!  A very generous group gift!

Because the gown is materials enabled, it appears bright in the above photos, but I thought I’d use the other part of the location to show you what it looks like under different lighting.  Its character changes completely!  A really nice outfit from Ghee!

  • Gown, gloves, jewelry: Night Sky Gown, Bento Opera Gloves, Spider Necklace, Spiderweb Earrings by Ghee
  • Body: Lara by Maitreya
  • Face: Jennifer by GA.EG
  • Hair: Cerys by Truth


Today I have a final (perhaps!) Valentine’s Day gift to show you.  This lingerie is a group gift from Vinyl, and Vinyl’s group is FREE to join!

The lingerie is separate top and bottom, and has sizes for Freya, Isis, Venus, Lara, Physique, and Hourglass.

There are two styles in the pack, the “Rose” version above, and the “Love” version below.

Both versions are the same mesh, which is nicely done with no clipping issues.  I particularly like the Rose version.  A lovely gift for VDay 🙂


A tale as old as time

Solas and Bee at Silvan Moon Designs have created a new magical gown for the latest round of Enchantment.  The theme this round is the story of Beauty and the Beast, and Solas and Bee have created Belle’s Enchanted Ball Gown just for the occasion!

Belle’s Enchanted Ball Gown comes in six lovely colours and fitmesh for both SLink bodies and Maitreya Lara.  Still no fitmesh for Belleza bodies; hopefully Solas will start supporting those soon!

Kerryth at Spyralle really creates some finely-detailed jewelry, and the Like Gentle Tears tiara just magically seems to suit this gown.  Rain features a five-colour HUD that allows you to tint the hanging crystals in five shimmery light shades. 

The Enchantment sim is really something rather amazing, the builders have put a lot of work into creating the scene, and many merchants (such as Solas and Bee) have created lovely pieces just for this event.  Stop by and take a look!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!


Pride… and panties

LOL did I really call this post that?  Well, I’m trying to clean up a lot of my unopened things, and these two items were literally sitting next to each other in one of my unopened folders, so you get both 🙂

The t-shirt is an old group gift from Baby Monkey, and comes on system layers plus appliers for Omega, Maitreya, Belleza, and Slink.  There are five textures, all on a black background, all eye-catching 🙂

The panties are fitmesh for Lara, Freya, Isis, Venus, Physique, and Hourglass.  They come with a ten color HUD and are pretty well rigged, although I did notice some clipping at the hip while looking for a pose.


Rising from the Ashes

Sure, Mardi Gras was yesterday, and many Christians observe Ash Wednesday today — but this phoenix arises from the ashes yet!  We had a lovely Mardi Gras event at Eden on Saturday last, and I found this lovely outfit from Champagne! that is at home in any Carnival or Mardi Gras celebration — or even just for your favourite Burlesque show!

The bodysuit is all mesh in standard sizes, but I had no problems wearing it with my Maitreya Lara mesh bod.  The wings are non-animated mesh, and come in two resizable varieties — one with particle flame effects (not shown), and one without.  The phoenix tail has flexi bits that allow the bottom to waft about a little bit.

  • Astlandia — Yey 1M pose

Earthstones adds the perfect jewelry touch with the Phoenix Rising necklace and earring set.  Mahalo, Mama Jaz!

Personally, I’ve had a few events lately that have left me sitting in the ashes, but I had to remind myself — or be reminded — that ashes tell you that there was heat and light…. and that heat and light never completely disappears.  However you make a splash, keep soaring!
Mahalo!  A hui hou!