Bunny hops

As Aeon said, what is it with with Easter and rabbits?  But, after thinking for a little while about what I should wear today to celebrate and have a little fun, I’ve used Easter as an excuse to get my first really really good furry, and of course it’s a rabbit!


To be precise, the Dark Spot Designs Rabbit 🙂  I saw a photo of this rabbit on slarf.org, and well that was basically game over for me; I had to have it!  I’m a big Watership Down fan, having read the book at a young age, and continued to re-read it through my life.  And this avatar seriously reminds me of some of my favourite characters from the book, and of course the wonderful animated movie.

Happy Easter, however you choose to celebrate.  I know I’ll have continuing fun with this little one 🙂