Blue’s Fantasy Sound in Flight

Bird Box

When I first started exploring SL, I quickly noticed how fixed in place a lot of ambient sounds were.  This sounded very unnatural to me, especially with bird sound.  It’s bad enough that most sim owners use the same set of eight or so full perm audio clips, let alone that the birds don’t move anywhere!

I started thinking about a script to move bird sounds around the sim dynamically, and after a while, a script I call Blue’s Fantasy Sound in Flight was born.  Little did I know it was to be my nemesis for over a month while I struggled with understanding how to rez and keep track of multiple objects in LSL.

The system automatically maps the parcel that it is running on, even if the parcel is spread out over the sim in non-adjoining sections, and them moves a specific number of sound sources around.  You can even support multiple heights with the one script, so if you have a skybox at 2000 metres, you can use the object containing the script you rezzed at ground level to play ambient sounds there too!

The script uses temp rez objects, so only the bird box itself impacts your prim count for only 1 LI.

The script will work right out of the box, or you can modify the example notecards to customize where the sounds are played.

I modelled the bird box that contains the script to fit a Grizzly Creek Cut-Throat Finch, a great little freebie!

Every parcel owner needs one of these 🙂