Blonde Moments Siren Rose

Designer Gia Aulder from Blonde Moments provided me with this lovely mermaid gown for review.  Pink is not really my colour, so I’ll have to go blonde for this shoot 🙂

Blonde Moments Siren Rose Gown

Firstly, the outfit is a mix of mesh and three flexiprim skirts, and the texturing is very nicely done.  The mesh dress is in L, M, S, XS, and XXS and while I usually wear small, I am wearing XS in this gown.  I’d actually like to wear the XXS to get a little more of a slim look at the hips but as this is a review, I am wearing my standard small shape as changing it to fit wouldn’t give  you a fair view of the fit of the gown.

The mesh is fully weighted so conforms nicely to your dance moves.

For your L$300 you also get a two pairs of matching heels, one pair for Slink High and the other for Maitreya.

If pink is your colour, this one’s for you 🙂

review blonde moments siren_002

  • Gown and heels: Siren Rose by Blonde Moments
  • Hair: Milo Light Blonde by Tris
  • Hands and feet: Slink
  • Skin: Adore Peach Bare – light brow by Lumae

2 thoughts on “Blonde Moments Siren Rose

  1. Absolutely beautiful! And the blonde suits you, you should go blonde more often, as you know the best people (if the dumbest) are usually blonde:) And you got the high feet…………… now you can get some ice skates.

  2. Hi Whit, thanks for the comments. Don’t know about going blonde more often though, I don’t feel right without my carrot top!

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