The Coven

The Coven is a new event in SL featuring all things witch and magic related.  This month, they are running a special Lunar Festival, with the emphasis being on the moon.  Here are are two of the gifts available if your join their FREE group.

The hand bracelet is rigged for Bento (and I have trouble believing the creator’s claim that she did it by eye and it was her first rigging exercise!  It works perfectly on Slink Dynamics).  It comes in versions for Slink, Maitreya, and Vesta.

The nail are is in an Omega applier, and this is one of three gothic themed styles available in the applier.

Nice work!

  • Jewelry: Bento Hand Bracelet by Valika Rituals
  • Nail Art: Goth Gurl by Misschevious (only available at the event!)
  • Wedding band: Our Ring by Aeon (it’s ours, you can’t have a copy sorry)
  • Hand: Slink Dynamic
  • Event location: The Coven Event

Urban beauty

I love exploring in SL.  Although Aeon is far better at me at getting out to take photos, I do have a list of places that I’ve come across over the years which make for really good settings.  When I have the time, I do try to get out.  Honestly 🙂

Anduril has been on my list for a while although I don’t think I’ve taken any pics  there before.  It’s mostly urban with a little bit of a 50’s feel, perfect for sitting out on the stoop on a hot summer’s evening…

…but just around the corner you find beautiful little niches of greenery and parks.  It’s certainly worth a visit!

My jean miniskirt and sandals are gifts from Redeux.  The mini skirt comes with regular mesh sizes plus fitmesh for Lara, Hourglass, and Physique.  It has a HUD to change the color of the belt.  The sandals are in sizes for both Slink and Maitreya flats.

My top was a Mother’s Day gift from memory, and is in sizes for Lara, Hourglass, Physique, and Belleza.  It has a rather cool HUD with eight colors, but you can tint it with a color picker in the HUD!  Great idea!



Another one

A lot of creators use this mesh to design nice one piece swimsuits, but every now and then, someone comes up with something that makes their design stand out.  Not only does this suit have an extensive HUD that allows you to control the main and hem textures, it also allows you to display and texture some additional straps!

There are fits for Freya, Isis, Venus, Lara, Hourglass, and Physique.  No standard sizes are included.

As I said, the texture HUD allows you to color the main suit, the hem, and the straps, and hide or show the straps.  There are 16 different textures included, so the possibilities are endless!  (Well actually they aren’t endless, there are 163 + 162 = 4352 possibilities.  Geek girl showing, lol)



If you haven’t heard about Redeux yet, this is an exciting new event that started in April and runs every second month.  Creators showcase items at discounted prices, and there are gachas from past events.  There are gifties at each stall, just wear the Redeux VIP group tag.  The group is FREE to join.

This is the first gift I unpacked from the August round.

The August round of Redeux is on now, and runs until August 21st, so hurry over!

This is a one-size-fits-all fitmesh dress, and it works beautifully with Lara.  I like the chain highlights on the dress, and I always love it when creators go to the trouble to make detail like this in 3d instead of just textures.

  • Outfit: Ottilie Dress Taupe Silver by Meva
  • Body: Lara by Maitreya
  • Hands: Slink Dynamic
  • Hair: Stone Cold Seduction by Exile

One piece sparkles

I like one piece swimsuits more than I like bikinis, and as we had a beach party at Eden yesterday, and I’d worn nearly every swimsuit I own to one event there or another, I went shopping.  I was looking for something in white with laced sides as that look is really in at the moment.  But after a while looking (and trying three demos) I couldn’t find anything I was happy with.  So I broadened my search and found this suit!

It’s fitmesh specific to Maitreya Lara only, and comes in six different soft colors.  And oh my, does it glitter when you move!

Scarily, there was no demo or comments on the marketplace page so I bought it with my fingers crossed, but I’m here to tell you that the fit is pretty near perfect, with just one alpha section needed.

Aeon said “OMG you’re going to have some funny tan lines!”  Pffft 🙂

Here’s a closeup of the ties at the back so you can see just how much trouble the designer went to.  It’s an awesomely eye-catching outfit if you have Lara, and I’ll certainly be wearing it to a few more beaches soon!


Box on

Being always on the lookout for new outfits, I watch group chat for SLF&O for Midnight Mania boards to slap, and any other offers that come up.  Sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with a new outfit to get a blog post out for you every day!

Anyway, as I was watching yesterday, someone announced a free outfit at a store, and I dutifully went to look.  And how good is this?  Some designers are just awesomely generous!

The gym shorts and crop top are separates, and come in sizes for Isis, Freya, Venus, Physique, Hourglass, TMP, and Maitreya.

Boxing is a great way to keep fit, or so I hear hehehe.  I knew I’d find an opportunity to use the fist pose for my hands one day, and this is it!

There is also a HUD included that lets you texture the shorts and top separately.  It includes some rather funny designs for the top 🙂


Velvet Butterfly

This outfit was put together for a themed party at Eden recently.  I really had nothing to wear so I went looking on the marketplace and I found this!  It makes lovely use of materials for glitter, which I hope you can see in the photos!

The minidress and top are all one piece and come in standard mesh sizes and fitmesh for Lara, Hourglass, and Physique.  Included are appliers (Omega and Maitreya) for the leg wraps and tattoos.  The leg wraps also come on a system layer, but the tattoos are only in the appliers, which is a shame if you only have a system body.

The package also included some prim butterfly wings, but I wasn’t very happy with them, so I used these bird of paradise wings I had stashed away.  They are really pretty and fluttery.

I also found some arm bracelets that matched well, and going along with the blue theme, a great hairstyle from Wasabi Pills that I picked up at Hair Fair 2015.

And I did really well in the contest too!  Yay!


For under L$5…

There are some really nice things on the marketplace for very little expense.  Today, I’m showing you a set of lingerie, a hairstyle, dress, and shoes, all bought for less that L$5 total!

This applier lingerie is available on the marketplace for L$1.  It has Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, and Omega appliers, as well as system layers.

My hairstyle is also available for a single Linden Dollar, and incredibly comes with a 30 color HUD!

The nice thing about applier lingerie is it provides a good modesty layer for… short dresses 🙂  This little mesh dress is available on the marketplace for L$1 as well, and comes with sizes for Isis, Freya, Venus, Physique, Hourglass, TMP, and Lara.  It also comes with a three color HUD for black, white, or red versions.

Admittedly, I’m wearing my Lara body and SLink hands and feet in these photos, but with just a little searching on the marketplace, you can look good with just the system body.  For example, you can find Bento hands for L$0 if you care to take the time to match your skin!

And lastly, here’s a closeup of my heels, available for SLink, Belleza, and Maitreya High feet.  Cost?  L$1.

All up, these two outfits and a 30 color hairstyle cost me L$4.  That’s pretty amazing for what equates to about USD 1.5 cents!  What clothes can you find out there?!

  • Lingerie: Bronwyn by Chez Kitten (marketplace link)
  • Dress: Gift by Avale (marketplace link)
  • Body: Lara by Maitreya
  • Hands and feet: Slink Dynamic Hands, Flat and High Feet
  • Heels: Verena by Ricielli (marketplace link)
  • Hair: Rima by Fabia (marketplace link)



New store location

I’ve moved the store due to some exceedingly poor treatment from my previous estate managers at Azure Islands.   I’d been a tenant there for 24 weeks and never been late with a payment.  Having turned up to pay my rent with half a day to run on my meter, I was surprised to find that the meter was paid up for a month!  After checking with Aeon to make sure she hadn’t topped it up, I assumed I had an angel looking after me.

About four hours later, my entire store was returned to me with no warning!  Even though if someone hadn’t topped up the meter, it would have still had about eight hours to run (I know, I looked at the L$ transaction history to make sure).

I immediately TPed to discover Candy and Billing Azure there, and not only had they returned my store, but also a huge art gallery next to me!  When I asked what was going on, after waiting nearly 30 minutes for them to respond to my repeated queries, I was told that “(resident name) had paid my meter with fraud [sic] lindens and we had to reclaim the land”.  I didn’t know there was such a thing as “fraud lindens”.  I can only assume that the named resident had participated in some form of phishing and dumped their profits on my meter and the art gallery’s next door.

Okay, so I can understand that they needed to reset the meter to wipe the credit, but couldn’t they have done it in a way that would have made everyone happy?  For example, transferred the payment to the meter on an available parcel and cleared that?  Failing that, why not be considerate and IM me, and tell me what’s going on?  I was obviously online, there was an online indicator in the store!  Then I could have come and picked up the store, they clear the meter, sell the land back to me for L$0, and I put the store back, and I remain a happy tenant.  But no, just boom, return with no warning.  Result, one extremely upset tenant.

After receiving basically only the information I’ve laid out above after repeatedly asking for further clarification and being ignored, I TPed back home very upset, sans land.  Of course, I could have repurchased the parcel, but after treatment like that, I really didn’t want to deal with them any more, and I sure didn’t want to give them any more L$.  So I moved.

After nearly two days of searching for a new place, I settled on a store right at the landing point of MyntBox, a supervised adult sandbox.  This place is pretty cool, and I knew about it from some early builds I did there.  Why don’t you come and visit, browse the store, and maybe stay awhile and build something of your own in the sandbox!