About Aeon

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Aloha! I’m happy to see you here, mahalo – thank you – for stopping by!

I love in SL what I love in RL – music, time spent with friends, building things, learning things. I will talk your ear off about any of those – about astronomy, about science, about discovery.

I’m an avid scifi fan – Firefly and Doctor Who and Battlestar and Stargate and so many more. And I will tell you more about massive star forming regions in the Milky Way galaxy and microwave and radio astronomy than you will ever care to know.

I code like an astronomer, but I keep learning. And Blender always presents new challenges – and new opportunities.

Most important, my wonderful Blue, who makes my life complete, and always leaves me yearning for more.  🙂

Stop by, say aloha! The breeze is fresh and smells like flowers, and there are smiles for everyone. Come and be at home!