A splash of warmth

Yes, I can celebrate the ice and snow one day and the warmth and the surf the next — or a couple days later, anyway!  Spyralle‘s lovely mu’umu’u is perfect for enjoying the late afternoon Sun.  And it’s just perfect to welcome Oahu back to SL.  I don’t know how long it’s been back, but this happy little sim holds a place dear to my heart, and I was sad when it closed up about a year ago!

A plumeria for the hair and a blossom on a nice gold chain are courtesy of Island Style Designs.

Spyralle‘s lovely styles and wonderful gifts will thrill you throughout the year.  Stop by, become a member, and enjoy Kerryth’s fine work.  If you’re not familiar with how Kerryth runs the group, Spyralle‘s VIP group alternates between free and a fee.  When there’s a gift offered, there’s a charge, and when there’s no active group gift, it’s free.  You can wait until it’s free, but I have to tell you: there is a HOST of lovely gifts — including this mu’umu’u — available to members right now.  It’s so worth joining and holding on to that membership.  I’m not sure how long the gifts will be there, so I hope you take advantage of it right away!

Happy Monday, my friends.  Hold Aloha in your hearts, it will warm you any day of the week, every week of the year!  Mahalo!  A hui hou!