A New Moon

A few days ago, I had the pleasure to share with you a lovely collaboration between Solas at Blue Moon Enterprises and Bee Dumpling at The White Armory, two of my favourite period and fantasy designers.

Solas and Bee have forged this new collaborative effort into Silvan Moon Designs, featuring mesh clothing made by Solas and textured by Bee.  The first release under the Silvan Moon label is Calista Rain, a beautiful mesh wedding gown featuring rigged and unrigged mesh belt versions, and flexi cape and empire skirt that flow beautifully.


Solas’ skill with mesh can hardly be overstated — those aren’t applier gloves, they’re fitted mesh!  And Bee’s exquisite texturing brings it to life!



As I was getting this blog post together, I received word that Bee and Solas are releasing Calista Rain in a variety of colours!  I’ll have to post a few more pics later.

The Silvan Moon offerings are currently available at both Blue Moon Enterprises and The White Armory Shops, as well as a small Silvan Moon Designs shop.  Come and take a look!