A Grand Spyralle

Kerryth at Spyralle and Tailahr of Tai’Dyed have joined forces to create a new shopping experience for you!  The new Spyralle/Tai’Dyed main store at Mauna Waipio is now open, and it is truly a beautiful sight!

Kerryth  and Tailahr have created a wonderful little mini-hunt to celebrate the Grand Opening.  They have hidden six brightly-coloured polyhedrons (rhombicubotahedrons, for the mathematically/geometrically minded) about the store — each one is animated, and moves about in some way, peeking out and then hiding again.  Six lovely little treasures are hidden inside!

The store is based on the Nu Orne structures from Cerridwen’s Cauldron, and give a lovely sense of magic and enchantment, the perfect setting for Spyralle and Tai’Dyed’s wares.

The new store occupies the southeast portion of the sim: Kerryth and Tailahr ask that you not intrude into the private residential parts of the sim to the North and West.

I think you’re going to love the new digs.  There are a lovely host of beautiful vistas.  The team has been working very hard to bring the new location to you, and have been celebrating with parties.  I hope you enjoy the new shopping experience as much as I have!   Please stop by the new store and take a look today!

Mahalo, my friends!  A hui hou!


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