Seasons Greetings 2017

Another year has passed!  I forgot to mention that the blog is over two years old (it’s birthday is in late September)!

Here’s our greeting card photos for this year.  Aeon and I again took photos at the same time and without consulting each other.  We must be telepathic 🙂

Photo credit: Blue

Blue says: So many things have happened in SL this year!  I’ve mentioned before that I love to take this time of year to reflect on the good and what I could have done better.  Aeon and I went through a little crisis as I expect a lot of couples do, and looking back, that was mostly my fault for paying more attention to things like involvement with Eden and other various projects, and not enough attention to my lovely wife.  Thank you for my wakeup call, darling ♥♥♥

During the year, the owner of Eden appointed me a Head Angel.  Angels are a combination host/helper/security officer/builder and all around “do what needs to be done” people.  This was a huge honor, as I’ve always done whatever I could to help out with scripting or building or organizing around the club, without expecting anything other than the opportunity to have a good time.  Thank you Sabine!  I’m sure I’ll be working even more closely with our manageress Nandi that I was previously (she and I winterized the club together a couple of weeks ago.  Lots of snowy fun!)   Except of course when I need to pay attention to Aeon!

There are lots more stories I could tell you.  I relocated our in-world store, I had fun meeting new people from all over the world, I set myself building and scripting challenges (and mostly accomplished them), I had fun finding fashion, wearing fashion, and mostly photographing fashion, and I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the things we found, and maybe you found them for yourselves!

But I better leave room for Aeon to write something so I’ll just wish you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday season, and may the new year bring you peace, prosperity, and love in abundance!

Photo credit: Aeon

Aeon says:

It’s important, this time of year in particular, to take advantage of every last moment to step aside and reflect, to breathe in the peace, to let go of stress.  It’s been quite a year of stress for some of us — the outside world of politics and civil unrest seems to wear heavily on many of us right now.  Let me tell you — all of you — that I appreciate this more than anything: to be able to talk to each of you, from around the world, to find common ground, to share laughter and stories and love.  To be able to hold our own against all the people who say “us first, beware the outsider, you should be very afraid” — to all of them, I say this — you are not stronger than love.  Your hatred and fear cannot surpass love.

I am so wonderfully grateful that my family has grown.  I have been honoured to have been adopted as daughter of the wonderful Ia and Jaz Silvermoon, who married last month, and are shining and bright.  Love shared grows, multiplies, exponentiates.  Tack mina mammor, jag älskar er så mycket!

And through all of this, my darling Blue has remained, my wonderful and infinitely understanding bride.  For all the grace and laughter and love, for all of the happiness, the new things to learn, the daily frustrations and joys shared.

Mahalo nui loa, all of you my friends. Thank you so much for being a part of my life.  I wish you all of the peace and joy and wonder of the Solstice, of the season, however you choose to celebrate.

God Jul! Mele Kalikimaka me ka Hau’oli Makahiki Hou!