Christmas Redemption

This is my entry in the Flawless Collective Christmas photo competition, which closed last Friday.  I just happened to have used a nice bodysuit by Entice to set up a fallen angel themed outfit for a contest recently, so I thought I’d use that to do an entry.  The rules were simple, take a photo on one of the three sims from the Collective (this was taken at the Entice sim) and be wearing a piece of clothing from one of the Collective’s stores.

There were two main categories for entries, SL snapshots and retouched photos.  Obviously mine is in the latter category as I like to take huge pics in SL (usually around 4200 x 2200 pixels) so I can get good detail, save them to disk, then crop and resize them in Gimp.  For this photo, I also used Darktable to do some color balance, some sharpening, and to get more control over background blur than SL would allow me.  I also added some hair with my meager drawing skills.  As usual, I’m using a projector light to get the lighting effects on the avatar and the ground.

In addition to the two main categories, if a photo doesn’t win the grand prize, it automatically get considered for three themed prizes: most creative, best showing of holiday spirit, and best display of product.  Strangely, by doing a photo of the redemption of a fallen angel at Christmas time wearing a bodysuit by Entice, I think I have all of those covered lol

I can’t wait to see the results, which should be announced on either the 18th of December or the following Friday, as “Friday December 18th” as stated on their web page doesn’t exist on my calendar, at least for this year!

Here’s what I’m wearing: