Paper Moon Cloak

There are a lot of events happening at the moment for Halloween.  One of them is Trick or Treat Lane, which has a bunch of FREE gifties if you join their group.

This cloak comes in versions for guys and girls, and it’s something I’ve wished I had for ages to do cover-ups of contest outfits ūüôā

It’s only in classic mesh sizes, but this hardly matters when you alpha out your entire body.



A friend of ours doesn’t like spiders.¬† I think I’ll wear this to Eden’s second Halloween party on November 4th just to freak her out ūüėČ

The outfit is fitmesh for Lara only and it comes with the boots, hat, and the two spiders.¬† It’s really wonderful, with the exception of the big spider, which is just attached.¬† If it was fitmesh ohhh it would be perfect!

In each pose I’ve moved the spider so it looks centered.¬† Dancing with this might be a little… interesting ūüôā


Halloween is just around the corner

I picked up this great little dress for Halloween at Trick or Treat Lane, which runs through until November 3rd.

Sizes include a one-size-fits-all for classic, and specific fits for EBody, Freya, Isis, Venus, Lara, Physique, and Hourglass.

Some demonic tattoos, black makeup, and high boots complete the outfit!

  • Dress: Skully Dress by Get Frocked
  • Body: Lara by Maitreya
  • Hands: Slink Dynamic
  • Tattoo: Darkness Surrounds by PMS
  • Makeup: Rival Black Combo Makeup by Glamorize
  • Boots: Black Boots Over the Knee by Black Diamond (unavailable)
  • Hair: Eloise Dip 02 by MINA


I just got to take a look at some lovelies from the recent Rock Your Rack event (sadly now over), and I wanted to share some pretties that I picked up.  Spyralle offered the lovely Kazumi jacket and pants outfit in four lovely shades.  

I picked up these boots as a group gift at¬†.:Ecce Bellus:..¬† ¬†They’re lovely, and also sold in a light taupe shade for a VERY reasonable price!¬† I couldn’t resist picking up both.

I’m hoping Kerryth will get¬†Kazumi into the stores soon. In the meantime, stop by and take a look,¬†Spyralle is involved in all kinds of events and hunts right now — don’t miss out!

Mahalo!   A hui hou!



I’m not sure I like posting outfits before an event, I try and keep them fairly secret, but these days I’m usually doing police work on the sim watching that out-of-theme people are not trying to jump on the contest board, I tend to stay out of the contest myself, so not to worry.

Here’s my outfit for Eden‘s upcoming scary Halloween party…

As you can probably guess, this is a full mesh avatar, and it includes the clothes and hair, so in effect it’s a one party outfit (although I’ll keep it and reuse in a couple of years time hehe).

The avi comes with a full body alpha and a shape, and you just wear those with the avi.¬† It’s quite well rigged and follows my AO and dances perfectly.

The out-of-the box avi just has blank eyesockets, which is truly creepy.¬† But I decided I’d add some mesh demon eyes to make it a little more human, if still quite (un)dead!


My namesake

Two lovely friends found the perfect dress for me —¬†Mahina by [AdN] Designs.¬†¬†It’s a light and fluttery beach dress, a perfect little flirty fashion as you hit the waves.

Mahina features a lovely little colour-texture HUD, but I think I’m in love with the rainbow!

Mahalo nui loa to Frani and Keko for my lovely gift.¬† You two are so sweet and I’m so happy that you’re part of my life!¬† And thank you, dear readers, for stopping by to share!

Mahalo!   A hui hou!


HorroRomantic Hunt Part 3

Here’s another hunt item from the HorroRomance Hunt, which runs through the 2nd of November.

The gown is in standard rigged mesh sizes only, but it includes the hairstyle in blonde, black, brown, and ash!¬† The hair is separate from the gown so could be worn with other outfits.¬† On the sash is the image of a spider, but there’s so much shine on it, it’s very difficult to see.


Home Alone

After I commented that there was finally some activity at MAAI, we’ve seen another group gift yay!

This cropped jumper and pantie set is only available for Maitreya Lara, which is usual for MAAI.¬† The end of the sleeves have tiny little clipping issues on SLink hands (which I’ve only just noticed in the photos grrr).¬† I bet it would work fine with Maitreya hands.


All in time

The¬†Fallen Gods Decennial¬†is on, and WOW are there a lot of exciting things happening!¬† ¬†There’s a huge hunt as well as lots of side events.¬† One of the little fun things is a little matchmaker fortune-teller booth at Fallen Gods, and you can win the Chronos Coal Black full avatar.¬† On top of that, the hunt item from¬†Fallen Gods¬†is an alternate skin for Chronos, in water gold.¬† So I, of course, had to play mix and match with them!¬† ¬†Chronos features a variegated skin, monokini, headpiece, hair, staff, and backpiece, as well as a little swirl of butterflies.¬† It’s all here!¬†¬†

The full avatar gift from the matchmaker at Fallen Gods includes the Coal Gold skin, but I swapped out the hair for¬†Empty Gold from¬†Magika.¬† It’s a little more my colour, and still works with the skin!¬† The backpiece and staff might be a little much for dancing, but are fantastic for making your shining presence known!

Chronos also comes with some bluer-than-blue omega eye appliers,  which are pretty decent, but I happened to pick up a lovely pair of Schadenfreude Moon in my eyes from the recent The Coven hunt, which seemed just perfect for this outfit! 

The¬†Fallen Gods Decennial¬†goes on for the whole month of October, but stop by soon!¬† Enjoy the hunt and all the associated events, there’s too much fun out there to be had!

Chronos hair (golden sand)


HorroRomance Hunt Part 2

Hehehe, what a great little mini!¬† This is a hunt item from the HorroRomance Hunt, which runs through the 2nd of November.¬† It’s a L$1 hunt, and there are some nice prizes available.

The dress is materials enabled and glitters nicely.  It comes in sizes for Isis, Freya, Venus, Lara, Physique, Hourglass, and TMP (no classic sizes). As you can see, the scary teeth are on both the back and the front!

The dress also comes with two addons for each size that put an animated rotating heart in front of the dress, hence the name.¬† One attachment which I’m wearing below has visible panels and the other is invisible.¬† The one I’m wearing gives the nicer effect I think.