A lot of what you see me post on the blog is free (or costs very little if it’s a hunt prize).  I wrote an entire post on the “Most of this is free” concept.  Unfortunately, some free things come along very rarely, and one that you rarely see is a good set of jeans.  However, as this post shows, sometimes, if you wait long enough, all things come your way 🙂

This outfit includes the top and jeans, and both come in standard mesh sizes with fitmesh for just about every body you can imagine.  The package also includes some platform heels for Slink, Maitreya, and Belleza high feet which are just waaaay too high for me (think 5″ platforms and 10″ heels eeeps!) but you might like them 🙂

The texturing on the top, and especially the jeans is fantastic!  Now I have a set of ripped mid waist to go along with my fav boyfriend jeans!  They’ll surely see lots of use!


for the evening breeze

A moonlit night is the perfect time for a stroll along the water’s edge… and EvelineInTheBox has just the loveliest sexy things for it.

Eveline’s Nandi is perfectly daring for a light breeze in off of the water.  Care to go for a walk with me?

Nandi is an older piece from EvelineInTheBox, and is available in the standard rigged mesh sizes plus a single fitmesh for the standard SL body.  I was able to fit it pretty nicely with my Maitreya Lara‘s alpha zones nevertheless.  Eveline does have mesh-body-fitmesh on newer pieces, and you’ll see some of those from me in the future.

I hope that your Monday is bright and shining!  Aloha!  A hui hou!



Applier clothing sometimes works brilliantly.  Case in point this body suit from Dark Salvation.

The detailing is excellent with the lace, busk, laces, and eyelets.  What a great job!

Let’s not forget the back, with more superb detailing.  The outfit comes on system layers and includes a multi-body applier for Lara, Omega, Brazilia Doll, and Lola Tango.  The platform heels are included, and come in sizes for Slink, Belleza, and Maitreya.


Lacy Red

One of the rules as a redhead is you don’t wear red.  Of course this rule is made to be broken, and one of the best places to do it is in the bedroom 🙂

This stunning little lace babydoll was a midnight mania win from Troy, whose store I hadn’t come across before.  The top and panties are separate, and there are sizes for Lara, Freya, Isis, Venus, Physique, Hourglass, and TMP, plus classic rigged mesh sizes.

The panties have some very minor clipping issues in some poses, but overall, it’s a very nice set of lingerie that will undoubtedly make your partner very happy 🙂

  • Lingerie: Babydoll Red Lace by Troy
  • Body: Lara by Maitreya
  • Hands and feet: Slink
  • Hair: Kissing Strangers by Exile

P.S. Thanks to Kat for letting me borrow her boathouse for the photo shoot 🙂



Oh dear, I’m showing a lot of skin in my resent posts.  I’m sorry, but it’s just what SL’s creators throw up to us hunter gatherers 🙂

This little jungle cover is perfect for roleplay if that’s your thing.  It was a gift at the most recent Redeux event.

There’s a size for Maitreya Lara and one that looks to be a one-size-fits-all fitmesh.


Roller Girl

This has been sitting in my inventory unopened for some time while I dithered if I could wear this color top or not.  So, I guess the answer is, yes I can 🙂

The top and skirt are separates.  The skirt has standard mesh sizes and the top has standard sizes plus a one-size-fits-all fitmesh version which works nicely on Lara.

The lace details and the creases are very nicely done!  And included is a bonus MP3 player to wear on your arm!  I’m going to put on my BF Simple Skate HUD and go and do a bit of trail skating 🙂

  • Outfit and MP3 player: Roller Girl – Razzmatazz by AvaGirl
  • Body: Lara by Maitreya
  • Hands: Slink Dynamic
  • Hair: Kissing Strangers by Exile
  • Roller skates: Derby Pin-Up Girl Sneaker Skates by Sinfully Sessy (item unavailable)


Rowena Springflower has long been one of my favourite designers.  In a world of exorbitantly priced single-colour/texture items and fatpacks for a very modest discount,  Rowena has long featured lovely mesh with included texture-selection HUDs for a reasonable price.     

You may know that I rarely wear high feet/heels, but these coordinating heels are really quite lovely.

  • ProPoseF1, September Group Gift

Rowena’s Designs has a free group and always has some lovely gifties.  Stop on by, join up, take a look around, and come back often!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!



Here’s a group gift top from Scandalize.  It uses the same mesh as a previous GG, but as it’s nice lace, I don’t mind at all 🙂

The top comes in sizes for Freya, Isis, Venus, Physique, Hourglass, and Lara.

I paired it with a pair of black pants and a ribbon choker, and I think this color hairstyle works really well with this look.


Eleanor’s Canon

The latest round of We Love Roleplay opens today, and Silvan Moon Designs has a gorgeous Victorian style gown for your pleasure, the Eleanor Canon Gown.

Eight different colours are available.  You’re sure to find the one that suits you best — or pick up the fatpack, every one is a treasure.  Eleanor Canon comes in fitmesh for Maitreya and both SLink bodies.

  • GLITTER — Advent Calendar gift pose

Check out the bustle detail in the back!  I promise, that’s definitely more in the caboose than I normally have.  🙂

Bee’s fine texturing work stands out on the blouse collar.  The lace is just amazing.

As a side note, you should know that The White Armoury is discontinuing their own clothing line to focus on Silvan Moon Designs‘ clothing line.  You can pick up older TWA outfits at one heck of a discount right now!

Stop by We Love Roleplay and take a look around!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!