A lot of what you see me post on the blog is free (or costs very little if it’s a hunt prize).  I wrote an entire post on the “Most of this is free” concept.  Unfortunately, some free things come along very rarely, and one that you rarely see is a good set of jeans.  However, as this post shows, sometimes, if you wait long enough, all things come your way 🙂

This outfit includes the top and jeans, and both come in standard mesh sizes with fitmesh for just about every body you can imagine.  The package also includes some platform heels for Slink, Maitreya, and Belleza high feet which are just waaaay too high for me (think 5″ platforms and 10″ heels eeeps!) but you might like them 🙂

The texturing on the top, and especially the jeans is fantastic!  Now I have a set of ripped mid waist to go along with my fav boyfriend jeans!  They’ll surely see lots of use!