This is a daring dress from Xtravagance!

It comes in sizes of Freya, Isis, Venus, eBody, Hourglass, and Physique.  It also comes as an experimental model for Lara, which means the creator probably is doing the rigging by eye.  It works pretty well.  Finding non-alpha blend modesty layers is a must 🙂  I wore a long hair to cover my breasts but ummmm I wouldn’t wear this in public on anything other than an adult sim lol



I scooped some gifts at the first anniversary of Fashion Dazzle the other day, this amongst them.  The theme is black and white, and while I’ve shown you some group gifts before from TRS, but this might be one of their better dress designs.  I love zebra things 🙂

The dress comes in standard sizes and fitmesh sizes for Freya, Isis, Venus, Hourglass, Physique, TMP, and Lara.  It’s all one piece unfortunately.  I’d love it if the top was separate!


Yellow Ruffles

This cute little dress (or top, it’s short enough to wear over jeans) was a win from Albino Peacock’s MM board the other day.  They make some lovely stuff, you should go and check them out!

All the ruffles suggested putting a set of wings with this, so I did 🙂  The dress comes in standard sizes, plus fitmesh for Physique and Lara.

The semi-sheer ruffles are a lovely detail, and certainly make the dress!


Retro Succubus

When I was writing up my punk outfit, I looked at how old the skull earring were.  I was rather amazed to find I’d picked them up in 2014!  Time flies when you’re having fun!  I thought it might be fun to do a post for the outfit I got them for 🙂

OMG, so this is way before Maitreya Lara or fitmesh were even available.  I’m wearing my system bod as the skin is only a system skin, so you for sure don’t get a photo that includes my feet!

I think this was only about the second serious contest outfit I ever put together for Eden (the first was a dress for the spring queen contest.  I spent days dithering over spending L$100 on that at the time lol).

Before Bento wings were available, if asked, I would have told you that Material Squirrel were my fav maker of wings in SL.  Even today when you can get awesome wings like this, these still hold up, and one advantage they have is they are resizable, so fit a number of costumes.

In three short years, there have been so many innovations in SL.  Mesh bodies and heads, fitmesh clothing, Bento, and while mesh was around when I started, the experience that designers have acquired in the last couple of years have made so much more possible!  It’s been an awesome ride so far, and I can’t wait to see what happens next!


Punk’s not dead

Sometimes you have to plan ahead for events.  On this coming Saturday, we have a “Best in Punk” contest at Eden.  I have a few goth outfits, but I really had nothing in punk.  So I mixed and matched and created something 🙂

The bits and pieces in this outfit have been collected slowly over time.  I got the skin just two days ago when someone announced fantasy skins in the SLF&O group chat for the amazing price of L$1 each!  Wow!  And after finding jeans, boots, hair, tattoos, piercings, and makeup, I realized I had nothing that would suit for a top.  Fortunately I have a few full perm mesh things.  I bought this full perm tank top to make a free group gift for all our wonderful members at Eden.  I’ve also made a copy for the staff there, with “Angel” on the back, and one for the boss with “Virgin” on the back (she asked me to make it, honest lol).  So with this kit in hand and a little bit of work in Gimp, a new top is born!

The oldest part of this outfit is the little skull earring with glowy eyes I got way back in 2014 just after I started SL!


Tanned in the summer sun

I don’t usually model different skins, but thought I’d try a little something different for a Friday.  Alaska Metro offers Sunny,  few lovely new face and Fit, a matching skin at the Mesh Body Addicts Fair!  Both come in three skintones, and Sunny has options for no eyebrows, light, medium, and dark shades.  Fit is released as an update to Alaska Metro’s older skin line.  Fit includes Omega, Maitreya and SLink appliers, and nail polish for both natural and french finishes.


Sunny comes in appliers for Omega (head only), Lelutka, and Catwa.  The Omega version is optimised for the new LOGO and LAQ Bento heads, but it works just fine, I think, on my [GA.EG] Barbara Bento head!  

  • <K&S> — Candy #2 pose

The Mesh Body Addicts faire has just ended, but look for Sunny and Fit at the Alaska Metro mainstore.

Happy Aloha Friday!  Mahalo,  a hui hou!



A friend referred Raven to me, telling her I do profile pics.  Well, I’m not really a professional photographer in SL, but I have done some profile pics for friends before.  I told Raven that I’d be happy to do a photo shoot with her as long as she put a notecard together detailing her outfit for me.  Saves me doing an outfit for the blog, and if she likes a photo for a profile, she is more than welcome to use one.  Win-win 🙂

I found a suitably spooky and atmospheric location, based on her outfit…

This is the one I liked for her profile, but she chose a less ummm… cutesie one 🙂

Hopefully I get all her details correct…



Child of the djinni

The theme for Enchantment right now is “A thousand nights and a night”, the tales of Princess Scheherazade.  Silvan Moon Designs offers Princess Parizade Dhoti as an exclusive for the event, with side-slit harem pants, top, and coin belt and scarf in three independent pieces.

Princess Parizade Dhoti comes in six lovely colours, in fitmesh for SLink Physique and Hourglass and for Maitreya Lara.

After moving from [GA.EG]‘s Kirsten non-bento head to the Barbara bento face, I lost two of my favourite eye makeup add-ons — the iLiner and the Nefertiti just didn’t work well on the bento face.  I’m so very happy to introduce [GA.EG]‘s newest eyeliner, Audacity.  Audacity is certainly an upgrade on iLiner, but with flavours of Nefertiti added on.  I’m so thrilled to have this look back!

Of course, facial expressions (eyebrows and mouth in particular) change the way that the different eye makeups are interpreted, so it’s kind of fun to see how they play together in each of the above looks.

Stop on by Enchantment and find this little bit of the exotic from Silvan Moon Designs!  Mahalo!  A hui hou!


No wonder…

…Scandalize is called Scandalize!  Here’s a scandalous group gift from them for summer.

Unless you’re on an A sim, panties are required!  I’m wearing some Maitreya specific ones.  Even though this is in fitmesh for Lara, it’s fairly loose at the sides, so again, you should probably consider where you’ll be wearing this!  The dress comes in brown and black in addition to the white, and fitmesh for Isis, Freya, Venus, Physique, and Hourglass.

I’m showing off a new hairstyle from Exile too.  I had a few L$ burning a hole in my pocketbook, so I went and got a new style!  There is a selection of packs with this like most Exile hair (this is a colour from the Red Pack) but unlike my other favourite style from Exile, this HUD has no streak options, just the plain colours.  As you can probably guess, I love it anyway!  If I could buy the Exile store, I probably would lol.



Hello lovelies, today I’m in a little bit of a rush, but I did want to show you this applier lingerie from Lo’s Inspiration that was on one of their Midnight Mania boards yesterday.  Lo’s has some nice things and they are always worth going and having a look at sometime during the day.  You might get lucky and find a nice mesh dress or even mesh undies on one of the boards, or more usually, as in this case, appliers.  There is no group required for most of their boards and lucky chairs!

The lingerie comes in system layers and appliers for Slink in one applier, and Omega, Lara, and Belleza in a multi applier.

I’m wearing my diamonds again too, because I love them 🙂  They’re great for photos but must be used sparingly if you’re walking around.  With all five pieces on, my complexity is over 250,000!