This little dress was a gift on Monthly Midnight Madness.  If you don’t belong to this group you’re missing out on some wonderful giveaways each month!  But really, I wore it to show off the gorgeous new jewelry that my darling Aeon got me for my rezday recently!  She spoils me terribly 🙂

The dress is in fitmesh sizes for Lara, Hourglass, and Physique.  There was an a texture HUD available for it too, but I didn’t bother buying it.

Aeon gave me a gift card to Chop Zuey for my rezday.  She’s so wonderful!  Chop Zuey is one of the largest jewelry makers in SL, and their range is awesome.  I spent days looking for something that would be suitable for both casual and formal wear, and I had settled on a tennis necklace in diamond and platinum.  I went to buy it and the store uses one of the gift card systems where you have to rez out the card, and that transfers the amount to store credit.  So I had to go home to rez the card, and as I was coming back, I noticed this set that I’d missed in my days of agonizing.  I changed my mind in about 20 seconds 🙂

It’s a really lovely set, again in diamond and platinum, consisting of the choker, left and right bracelets, and earrings.  There are two other version available, one in diamond and gold, and one in black diamond and gold.  And to top it all off, this was a set designed for Layka Zelin when she was Miss Venezuela Virtual in 2014!  Wow!

Here’s a closeup of the bracelet.  One minor issue is that the bracelets and the choker are all attached to weird places.  Don’t just add these, attach the bracelets to your left and right hands and the choker to your neck.  You’ll then need to edit them to place them correctly.  The bracelets can be a little tricky figuring out which way is the right way up, so perhaps wear them right out of the box first so you know how they should look.

Also be aware that detailed jewelry like this is very expensive when it comes to avatar rendering complexity.  The choker alone is approximately an additional 62,100 rendering cost!