Space invaders!

One of the Eden DJs came up with the great idea of doing an 8Bit set (well it was more 80s than 8Bit, but the deco was a cool gamer theme).  I got this sweater to wear to the event 🙂

The sweater is only rigged mesh in standard sizes, and it has some problems with breakthroughs around the hand area as the sleeves are so long.  I’ve retouched the pics, but in a dance situation it’s hardly noticeable.  And not being fitmesh, I was surprised at how well it went over my fav mesh jeans.  I was prepared to wear applier jeans if I had to, but it worked just fine with these.

My nerdy glasses are from last year’s Quest Fur Cover Hunt, and are rather cool mesh, with take off and put on animations, and another set of “off” glasses that are the location of the glasses when you take them off (if that makes sense).  I didn’t take a picture, but when off, mine hang on my jumper neckline.