Ku’u Polu

Aloha kākou — hello, all my friends —

I just wanted to share something with you today.  Not a product, not a bit of clothing, just a little bit of joy.

This is Blue and I.  It’s a simple little shot, taken down in our park while looking at a lovely little couple pose from [Kikay], trying to sort out what I had.  I love this picture for a bunch of happy reasons — there’s Blue’s lovely orangerie/greenhouse that she made (and I keep trying to convince her to put it up for sale in the shop), there’s the observatory and telescope on the other side that she made for me when she proposed marriage.  But that’s not the best part.

Look at us… sometimes I think this sums us up sooo well.

There’s ku’u Polu, my Blue — elegant and beautiful and focused — and there’s me, a bit ridiculous and completely unable to keep my eyes off of her for even a moment.

Today is Blue’s rez-day.  I think some people think rez-days are a bit silly, they’re not like real birthdays, right?  But maybe they’re better, they’re a celebration of our choice to be here.  And why would we ever turn down a reason for a celebration??

Blue is the most wonderful partner, friend, bride I could hope to have.  Her talents at building and scripting are amazing, but her devotion to her friends, to Eden outshine even those.

I’m so very proud of her.  I’m proud to be hers.   I still remember the first words we said to each other (yes, smarty-pants, even without looking at chat logs) — I remember the way I felt when she proposed.  Maybe I’ll tell you that story sometime.

And every day… I wake up and am happy happy happy to be hers.

And I can’t take my eyes from her.

Hau`oli Lā Hānau, ku’u Polū.  Happy rez-day, love!  Thank you for every single day!

Aloha kākou!


Wickedly Enchanting

Is anything so full of Enchantment as the gowns created by Bee and Solas for Silvan Moon Designs?  The fabulous duo brings you Lady Gothel for the May 2017 Rapunzel-themed Enchantment event.

Lady Gothel comes in five colours named (more-or-less) after the deadly sins.  My favourite colours aren’t hard to spot.  I like strong colours, and greens and blues and purples most of all.

I’ve always been an opaque-gemstone kind of girl.  Opal and lapis lazuli may be my favourites.  I’ve had this lovely lapis set from Evelock for ages, but you would think that Evelock and Silvan Moon worked together to create a matched set.

For those of you who may not know, Mother Gothel, the namesake of this gown, was the “evil witch” who kept Rapunzel locked away in her tower from Tangled, the Disney adaptation of the faerie tale.  She’s an interesting character, but I  prefer the representation from Into the Woods, the faerie tale play from Steven Sondheim.  Something about the depth of the Witch, her fear of loss — her actions become understandable, perhaps even forgiveable.

But I digress.

Wicked or not, let Silvan Moon Designs cast their spell over you… stop by Enchantment before this fleeting dream slips away.

Mahalo!  A hui hou!


SLF&O gift by Ashmoot

A very nice set of applier lingerie by Ashmoot today.  This is a FREE gift for members of SLF&O.  So hurry and get yours!  SLF&O is FREE to join.

This set comes with system layers and appliers for Slink, Maitreya, and Omega.  I was looking though my hairstyles and came across this one, which I know I haven’t shown you before (hint, it’s leaning to the pink side hehe).


Swing like an octopus

Ooooo some things are just too much fun for words.  Lei-wearing ‘ukelele-strumming octopi on a 50’s era swing dress?  You know that only could have come from Eclectic Stars!

Swingers Octojam comes in fitmesh for Maitreya Lara, SLink Physique and Hourglass, Belleza and TMP bodies, as well as the standard five rigged mesh sizes.

And a haku lei for a swing dress?  Sure, and Island Style Designs has a host of colours to match nearly any outfit.  I look almost as cute as those octopi!



Something about this outfit shouts “Doctor!” to me.  So here we are at the emergency room 🙂

The top and pants are separate (I already have mix’n’match ideas for the pants grins) and are in standard mesh sizes plus fitmesh for Slink Physique and Hourglass.

As this is white (another not so friendly colour for redheads) I’ve used the opportunity to showcase another gift from FaMESHed, this great little hairstyle from Wasabi Pills.  FaMESHed runs until the 27th of May, so you still have time to run over there!



Kerryth at Spyralle has a lovely spring/summer dress for you, exclusively at the current round at Swank.  Lila is a mesh dress in four lovely palettes, each one featuring the lovely multicolour fractal patterns you’ve come to love in Kerryth’s work.

EarthStones’ Flight of Fancy is the perfect accent to Lila.  Flight‘s HUD allows you to select bead and wing stone colours from three different textures.  The blue/green ‘swallowtail’ scheme is perfect for Lila blue!

Due to changing customer demand, Kerryth is trying something new.  The standard five rigged mesh sizes are being sold in one box, and fitmesh for Maitreya Lara, both SLink bodies, and all three Belleza bodies is sold together in the other box.  The idea is to help cut down on the unused copies that you either delete or sit around cluttering up your inventory.  The demo box (free, of course!) has all sizes in it.  But make sure that you get the right one when you purchase!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!


Harmonic Nature

A really cute little crop top and skirt today!  I love the texture.  The creator said she made it from a photo she took at a botanical garden.  It looks lovely!

Sizes are classic, and fitmesh for Belleza, Maitreya, and Slink.  It also includes a prim skirt which turns it into a gown with a very casual top.  I don’t think I’ll be wearing that 🙂


Summer romper

Summer is nearly here (and it’s always summer somewhere in SL)!  This little romper was from a hunt a while ago, and I thought I’d show it to you to match with another gift from FaMESHed, this lovely hairstyle from Entwined!

The romper is one piece (aren’t they all?) and comes in sizes for classic and fitmesh for Freya, Venus, and Isis, Tonic Fine and Curvy, Eve Slim and Pulpy, Slink Physique and Hourglass, Maitreya, and TMP (whew).  The hairstyle from FaMASHed is a free giftie at the event, and is a full fatpack with all the colours!  Some creators are most generous!


Sami revisited

Carrie’s Lingerie has released another new update on an old friend.  Sami was one of my favourite old applier pieces of lingerie, so I’m so happy to have the updated version with Omega appliers.  The lace-up back is just mmmmms.

Sami comes in six strong colours (and a fatpack is available), so you’re sure to find your look.

I usually don’t follow boudoir shots with something more covered up, but I do like wearing a corset and a pair of jeans… it’s perfect for a casual sexy look when you’re out for the pub.

I am so glad that Carrie’s Lingerie has continued to update some of the older pieces with Omega appliers.  I can think of quite a few to put on their list — Fireangel in particular, and that one burlesque-y outfit that I haven’t seen in the main store for ages!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!



This is the SLF&O Spring Gift from Ana Markova.  It comes with an optional chain and harness which you can wear together or separately.  Just in case your partner likes that Springsteen song “Pony Boy Girl” I guess 🙂

It comes in fitmesh sizes for Isis, Freya, and Venus, Physique and Hourglass, and Maitreya.  There are no standard rigged mesh sizes or fitmesh for classic.

I’m also showing off one of the gifts from FaMeshed, a lovely hairstyle from Mina.  The gift is only in this color at the event, but comes with color HUDs in-store.  Check out Mina, they do some very nice hairstyles!