Wild orchids

Here’s a lovely little gown at a price that can’t be beat — Wild Orchid from Dressed by Lexi!  It comes in three lovely colours and is perfect for a summer evening dance!

Wild Orchid has a lovely jewelry set, but is lacking a necklace… which is a happy spot for an engraved heart pendant given to me from my lovely Blue.  <3

Wild Orchid is in my favourite style of gowns: it makes good use of flexi prims, which are the best to dance in.  One of these days a smart gown maker will start creating mesh tops with flexi-prim gowns, and save the Omega applier layers for the (hidden) glitch layers.  But until then, I’ll gladly take an applier top so that I can get a gown that dances well and has that light gauzy feel!

Dressed by Lexi has some lovely wonderful dancing gowns for some incredibly good prices.  Visit today, and go out and dance!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!


Kelly Nights

One of the “rules” meant to be broken on occasions when you’re a redhead is “Never wear a red dress!”  This dress makes me so what to break that rule!  And it’s really wine, not red, and I can go auburn, right? 🙂

This dress is only available in fitmesh for Freya, Isis, Physique, Hourglass, and Lara.  No standard sizes, sorry girls without a mesh bod.  I really love the texture on this.  It’s subtle, yet eye-catching at the same time.  A very nice job.

I chose a hairstyle from Exile, who created my favourite long hair, which is called Stone Cold Seduction.  I’ve featured that a number of times before on the blog.  This hairstyle was Exile’s gift at Hair Fair 2015, and as it features the same red coloring HUD as Seduction, it runs a very close second for my fav long red hair!

I found some matching red heels too 🙂



Hauʻoli lā Pakoa!

Your friends at Petite Mort have a lovely little Easter Egg hunt going on currently at the Petite Mort store.  There are seven eggs to find (and a beautiful little basket to put them in), and each egg holds a lovely PM treat!

The Celestial Compass pendant from .Eldritch. carries just the right mystical motif for me.  The fact that it makes me think of script from the Doctor’s homeworld is just a bonus.

  • GOOSEold wooden bench pose

I’ll admit, I really love the foil flash tattoo from Alaska Metro, it suits me — and many of the clothing items I like to show you!

Blue/Green Ombre comes in fitmesh for Belleza Freya, Isis, and Venus, Maitreya Lara, and SLink Hourglass and Physique.  That’s fitmesh for all of your needs!

Stop on by Petite Mort, grab a free Easter basket, and start hunting for eggs.  Six are $10L each, and a seventh golden one is free!  You so don’t want to miss this leap into spring!  Hauʻoli lā hPakoa!  Happy Easter!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!



This pretty and provocative chemise is a sensual addition to your wardrobe, and is a group gift available at Scandalize.  Scandalize is L$100 to join, but with previous gifts like this still available in store, how can you go wrong?

There are sizes for Freya, Isis, Venus, Physique, Hourglass, Lara, and TMP available.  There are no standard sizes available!

This gorgeous little chemise is sure to impress with sexy semi-sheer accents.  Run and get it and surprise your partner tonight! 🙂



I’ve got some wonderful specials from We <3 Role-Play for you today!  Lady Rhapsody is a beautiful new gown from Silvan Moon Designs, and two beautiful hairstyles from Calico Creations.  So many pretties!

Lady Rhapsody comes in five wonderful pastel colours, a regal look in Maitreya Lara and SLink Physique fitmesh only.  Each gown includes the corset dress and a lovely overskirt, as well as a matching rose embellishment at the hip.    

Kendle is a lovely rigged mesh with optional flexy add-ons.  Kindi is a beautiful updo in both rigged and unrigged mesh.  Both are available in all of Calico Creations‘s lovely palette of colours.  Each pack includes a HUD with a wide selections of shades in a given palette (I chose reds and gingers, for some reason).  Incidentally, if you weren’t aware, Calico Creations has re-released some of their older hairstyles with a more complete colour palette, which includes the much older shades that really loved!  I don’t know how long that’s been so, I just discovered it!  YAY!

Kendle and Kindi are both available at We <3 Role Play for 25% off, so don’t delay!

We <3 Role-Play is an incredible event: there are wonderful treasures around every corner.  Silvan Moon Designs and Calico Creations and many other merchants have created some wonderful exclusives for the event, so go and enjoy yourself!  It’s not to be missed.

Mahalo!  A hui hou!


Inner Goth

A marvelous design on this corset and skirt combination from The Little Bat will certainly turn some heads!

The corset is in standard sizes, plus fitmesh sizes for classic, Belleza, Maitreya, and Physique, while the skirt is just in standard rigged mesh sizes.  Included is an eight color HUD to change the color of the bodice and the ribbon at the bottom of the panel.


Fluttering by the lines

I’m SOOOO ready for summer with a little mix-and-match for your midweek! The organic lines of Hilly Haalan‘s Butterfly Top balance the geometry of Alaska Metro‘s new Juana miniskirt!

It’s a nice chance to augment with a new necklace and earrings from EarthStones.  Flight of Fancy is a bead-and-butterfly themed jewelry set, components available independently, with two different choices of necklace length.  Each has a texture-change HUD included, allowing you to alter bead, butterfly, and metal colours.

Alaska Metro‘s Juana is available in six different palettes, in five standard rigged mesh sizes plus fitmesh for Belleza Freya, Isis, and Venus, SLink Physique and Hourglass, and Maitreya Lara.  Hilly Haalan‘s Butterfly Top comes in the standard five rigged mesh plus fitmesh for SLink Physique and Maitreya Lara.  The Butterfly Top comes in two varieties, “casual” and “glam”, each with a 20-texture HUD!

Happy Hump Day!  Mahalo!  A hui hou!


Blossoming spring

As flowers bloom in the spring, wonders bloom at Silvan Moon Designs!  Bee and Solas have a beautiful little mesh dress for you in three springy colours exclusively at Shiny Shabby.  Peaches and Cream comes in sizes for Maitreya Lara and SLink Physique, and as always, there are demos to try first!  The large flower detail is a separate unrigged mesh piece, so you can adjust it (or omit it) as you like.

You’ve seen my favourite daisies wreath from Caverna Obscura many times before, but I get to show you a lovely new necklace and earrings from EarthStones.  Feuilles features a HUD that allows you a lovely choice of metals and gemstones.

Spring is just bursting with treasures to find after the cold winter months.  Stop by Shiny Shabby and take a look, you’re sure to find all kinds of wonderful treasures.  Here’s hoping your spring is as full of colour and light!

Mahalo!  A hui hou!